GLOSSYBOX JULY 2013 - Seaside Splash

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I've been waiting for this, so impatiently, the July Glossybox. I am following Glossybox on Twitter and Instagram and have seen some teaser photos of this months box and it has literally left me perching on the edge of my seat, until half an hour ago, when I heard the doorbell ring.
I ran downstairs, still in my pyjamas to receive this month's box!

The box itself is absolutely gorgeous, the colour is amazing and it is so different from the usual pink box we receive each month.

I knew there was a reason why I was so excited about this box, I just had a feeling I was going to love it inside and out.
For those of you who have not heard about GLOSSYBOX, it is simply a beauty box you subscribe to (just like a magazine) and it gets delivered to you each month. Inside the box are a selection of 5 different beauty items. They could be anything from skincare, to hair care and also make up.
When you do sign up to Glossybox, they ask you to do a little questionnaire on what hair type you have, what skin type you are and what type of products you would like to receive and they try their best to match your requirements.

Sometimes, the box may not give you the surprise of your life, but as the products are selected at random, they are normally things that you may not have, especially of that brand.

When you are a member, you can refer your friends to join Glossybox and you get to collect Glossydots, these are simply points which you collect and can use to get a free box.

The box comes with a little leaflet, it simply tells you what you have inside your box, and also tells you where and how much you can buy the actual products for as these are only samples and you cannot buy them directly from Glossybox. Glossybox is actually I guess a promoter for these products.

The box is actually quite useful in itself, in an earlier blog entry, I showed you my daily make up drawer, I actually used 2 empty boxes as dividers to separate lipsticks from mascaras etc. So I am sure you will be able to put the empty boxes to good use.

Ok, so this is what I received in this month's box, hopefully when I get time, I will do some reviews on these items.

ALTERNA HAIRCARE - bamboo style boho waves tousled texture mist
This is a mist for those seaside waves, I don't think I'll find this handy as such because my hair is so naturally straight, I can spend an hour curling my hair, spray it with a whole can of hairspray and it will bounce back to straight hair in no time. But I will try using this when I go away on holiday next month, you never know, it may work. It also adds texture, volume and healthy shine to all hair types, so I guess it is worth a try.

COOLA ORGANIC SUNCARE COLLECTION - coola mineral face SPF20 unscented
50ml - 29.99 @ www.amazon.co.uk
I've actually been talking to a friend recently about SPFs and UV bases etc, because the sun is finally coming out in the UK. I haven't yet bought one, so hopefully this will work for me, for now anyway. I wouldn't plan to buy this originally because I actually haven't heard of the brand before, however, as it is hypoallergenic, free of parabens and packed with antioxidants I don't see why I can't give it a try. It sounds less harmful than a BB cream for starters.

ESSIE - sleek sticks
Now this is perfect, I've always wanted to try these nail wraps but I never got the chance to buy them, mainly because I have way too many nail varnishes that I really should be using, and also I cut my nails short. Sad times, but once I do grow my nails again, I will be using these. I am not really liking the pattern on them, but then again, I like change.

SLEEK MAKEUP - pout paint
8ml - 4.99 @ www.sleekmakeup.com
I have never tried Sleek Makeup, but I have seen so many reviews done by other bloggers and YouTubers on this Pout Paint. there are some weird colours with this item, there is a bright blue, but after reading about them, it does make sense, you are supposed to mix them with other lip products to brighten them up or simply change the colour. I think the little samples look gorgeous too and they are perfectly sized for your makeup bag and even handbag!

ANATOMICALS - spray misty for me facial spritz
100ml - 6.00 @ www.anatomicals.net
This is an ultra-hydrating facial mist, it has both lavender and peppermint extracts to help soothe and relax your skin. You can use it on the plane, on the beach or simply in the office to help rehydrate your face. It can also be used over makeup which is especially perfect for the summer as it can also be used as a make up setter. I can't wait to use this misty spray.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this month's box. I can't wait to try all the products and hopefully do my own reviews on them.

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