September Favourites

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I want to share with you my "September Favourites", the following are my new found loves, my favourite beauty buys in September.

  1. HAIR - Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner
  2. HAIR - Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil
  3. BODY - Sanctuary Spa 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil, 5 Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil, Body Wash
  4. BODY - Soap & Glory Foam Call Body Wash, Sugar Crush Body Wash
  5. LIPS - Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

Other than the Morrocan Argan Oil products, everything was bought at BOOTS, UK as I have collected so many rewards points from buying baby products for my son, so I thought it was about time I spent them on pampering myself. I haven't seen Organix products at Boots so I had to get them from SUPERDRUG, UK, for those of you who don't know, both these stores are the largest drug stores in the UK.

1. HAIR - Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner (385ml)

I am quite fussy with my shampoos and even fussier about which conditioner I use, as my hair has always been dry from the colouring, straightening, blow drying over the years. I always used to use Pantene's shampoo and conditioner because that was the stuff my mum bought back at home, and I remember if she went for something that was on offer at the supermarket and I used that, my hair would fall out and my scalp would start to feel irritated. So since I was a child I don't usually switch shampoos unless I HAVE to... I have tried more and more different shampoos now just to see if my hair is ok with different products, I normally order an Asian shampoo off the internet because that was the one I used on my entire year abroad in China. The brand is called "Asience" and I do still use it now, but its not very helpful when I can't walk into my closest drug store and walk out with it, having to order it off the internet is such a chore!

So I was very happy to hear such good things about this Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner by Organix. It is an affordable shampoo, its like a designer shampoo without that luxury price! As I said, I got this from SUPERDRUG and you can get a Superdrug rewards point to collect points to then use "as cash" on other products in store.

The only real thing I can fault about this shampoo and conditioner is that the bottle is TOO small! I'm used to massive pump bottles of about a litre's worth of shampoo, and this one only has 385ml... but to be honest, if that is the only fault about it, its an absolutely PERFECT hair product. It's quite a thick consistency which means it doesn't slide off your hand so easily when your in the shower, but it also means that its harder to squeeze it out of the bottle!

I'm glad I found this shampoo, and I'm even more glad that I dared to try it because it may be able to completely replace the Asience shampoo and conditioner that I absolutely love using.

Moroccan Argan Oil itself penetrates the hair shaft, restores the shine and softness of your hair and helps to strengthen it all at the same time. It also helps to protect the hair from UV damage so you can relax when you're in the sun and not worry about your damaging your hair too much and it helps to protect it from styling heat. This product is sulfate and parabens-free, so it is safe, more "natural" and can be used on coloured hair (which is absolutely perfect for me).

So far, I'm enjoying this brand's shampoo and conditioner and I really do hope it stays that way!

Do try it, its on a "buy 1 get 2nd half price" offer at Superdrug at the moment too...

SHAMPOO @ Superdrug

RATING : 9/10
(1 point taken off because it takes too much effort to squeeze it out of the bottle and I don't like the smell of it)

2. HAIR - Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil (100ml)

I wasn't planning on buying this at all, but after trying the shampoo and conditioner, I thought I might give it a try, and I can tell you it was VERY worth it.
The packaging was so deceiving as the actual bottle was only half the size the box around it, so I wasn't that happy about it really, felt cheated for my money, haha.

I use this in several different ways....
  • hot oil
  • leave in conditioner
  • hair serum
HOT OIL : Ok, so I don't heat the whole thing up as such, I put some (just enough for one use) in a small container then heat that up and put it on my hair then either cling film my hair or wrap a plastic bag around it to let the oil penetrate the hair.

LEAVE IN CONDITIONER : this one is more simple, after washing my hair and whilst it is damp I will apply it to the ends of my hair then brush my fingers through the rest of my hair to get rid of the excess that is still on my hands and dry my hair as usual - either towel dry or blow dry.

HAIR SERUM : after blow drying and styling my hair, I use some of this to add some shine to my hair and to help flatten down those little stray hairs which are always so irritating.


Rating : 9/10
(1 point knocked off for the stupid deceiving packaging)

3. BODY - Sanctuary Spa 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil, 5 Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil, Body Wash 250ml

I am completely obsessed with the MailOnline App on the iphone, its the UK's Daily Mail's newspaper app and I read an article to do with shower gels and I guess fell for it. The article was saying in general how shower gel and body washes aren't great for our skin because it doesn't protect from ageing (which I'm starting to get a little obsessed with too) and not to forget it only helps to clean you, it doesn't help to moisturise your skin or rehydrate your skin properly etc.

The article continued to talk about how shower body oils are actually better has they help to rehydrate, which I do understand because I have always mixed Johnson's Baby Oil with whatever shower gel I'm using. I don't know why I do it, but it has become a part of my shower ritual, I have ALWAYS used some form of baby oil on my skin in the bath or shower. The article did mention the Sanctuary Spa shower body oil, so I thought why not, I had points to spend and I needed new body washes anyway, so I bought it to try it.

There's not a lot I can say about this now as I have only tried the 2 day moisture shower oil. On the bottle it says you should shower first then apply this on your wet skin and rinse it off after. I tried it yesterday and my skin still feels smooth now, smoother than before!

They don't smell fantastic... but they do their job, they do exactly what they claim they do! I also have a spray on moisture oil that I bought from this brand a few months ago, I keep that in my handbag for when I'm wearing shorts so I can keep my legs moisturised without having to rub them in public all the time whilst drawing unwanted attention...

Sanctuary Spa is pretty expensive if you were to use it as a daily shower product, but I like the idea of the 2 day and 5 day moisture, surely that means you don't have to use it every time you shower, right? I'll go with that anyway. However, their products are regularly on offer at Boots, normally 3 for 2, hence there are 2 products in the photo ;). PLUS, you can use your Boots Advantage Points to buy them and collect more points for more make up, beauty products, medicine, feminine products and baby products if you like!

RATING : 8/10
(2 points knocked off due to the price, it is a bit expensive for something to be using in the shower)

4. BODY - Soap & Glory Foam Call Body Wash, Sugar Crush Body Wash

Soap & Glory must be a favourite of every girl I know, the fragrance of their products are to DIE for! I've always been using their Clean On Me Shower Gel, but surprisingly went to get my top up last week and they didn't have it, so as it was "buy one get one free" I bought 2 of their other shower gels.

I've only opened the SUGAR CRUSH shower gel and wow, the smell is ridiculously yummy, my ensuite still smells of that stuff and I showered about 10 hours ago! The Sugar Crush smells like a Refreshers Sherbert Bar, you know, those retro sweets.... It is just so yummy!

Soap & Glory still can't fail to amaze me, and one thing that I do love about their shower gels is that is in a pump bottle, I'm lazy, I need pump bottles, not bottles with lids and stuff like that, I need easy access to my shower products, so I guess they are just the winner.

I can't fault their products, their skincare isn't bad too, but I don't tend to change my face products in case they irritate my skin, however I do use their hand cream and that is absolutely gorgeous. I now have my eye on their hand mask, so I may be getting that next!

RATING : 10/10
(What a surprise)

5. LIPS - Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

I only got these because so many girls are going crazy over them.
I have been using Carmex's lip balms for years and they are my run to item, every one of my handbag's has one kind of lip balm, my bedside table and my lip balm drawer is filled with them. I have more lip balms than I do lipsticks and lip glosses together!

I couldn't decide on which to buy and as they were "buy one get one half price", I used my Boots rewards point and got all 4 that were on the shelves.

Each one has a different use. some are tinted, one has SPF, a menthol one, one focused on hydration and another for intensive care of the lips.
I love the lip balm itself, it applies really smoothly and the packaging is so colourful, they look gorgeous in my make up drawers AND they are easy to find in your handbags =]

I love these so much more than the chapsticks I used to use back at school, they were trustworthy, but these are trendy and they work! Not only that, they are not expensive at all... they are under 2.99GBP and are still on offer, both at Boots and Superdrug.

I can't really recommend one because I think they are all gorgeous, but don't go for your favourite colour on this one, my favourite colour of these would be the pink but its a tinted one, a crazy BRIGHT PINK, not really me. I prefer the menthol one (green) and that may be because I've been used to using Carmex for so long.

RATING : 9/10
(It is just a lip balm)

So these are my September Beauty Favourites, I will try and do my monthly favourites, that way you can slowly find out what I am using because lots of people do ask me things like this =]
Remember, if you have any questions or blog post requests leave a comment or email me at YukimiYau@gmail.com


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