Day Out - Christmas Market

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This is slightly different as I thought I'd bring my blog readers along to the Nottingham Christmas Market, it's here every year and has stalls and stalls of food and Winter goodies, mostly European stuff which is perfect... I go every year as it is a nice Christmassy thing to do for families, couples and friends alike! (Please excuse the quality of the photos in this post as I didn't intend to take photos, so they were all taken on my iPhone 5 camera.)

This year my husband and I were actually quite disappointed because we always love having the German Currywurst and Spanish Churros Con Chocolate, but they DIDN'T have either of them!!!

So we had to settle with French Crêpes and very good English Hot Dogs instead, not that I'm complaining. My husband actually originally wanted to go for Dimsum but I kind of refused as it was only the two of us and I wasn't that hungry for a sit-down meal.

I honestly think the Christmas market is the best place to go in Nottingham at moment, there is also a mini ice rink set up there which is quite cute, the atmosphere is gorgeous and it is really the only place you see Nottingham people smile!
So we spent the afternoon here, snacking on our crêpes and hot dogs, and it was probably the best day I've had in a couple of weeks! My husband's quite busy now as he only really has one day off during the week, so it is nice to be able to spend it with him at something like this.

Every food stall looked amazing, the smell of the food filled the air and I think that's what drew us towards it.
We didn't actually intend on going to the Christmas market, it was just his day off today, so we went out together to get some shopping done, thankfully we came across the market so I was very happy about that.

This is the French Crêpes stall we went to and as it was the only one, the wait was quite long, but it was all worthwhile. I actually wanted to try the savoury crêpe but in the end I chose lemon and sugar again - the best one right?

Since I became a mother, I hardly ever go out, I hardly ever leave the house as sometimes it is a bit of a hassle, especially with the baby, but I do take him out otherwise he'll be so extremely bored at home. I am hoping to bring him to the Christmas market next week or so, just so he can see the pretty Christmassy decorations etc.

Have you got a Christmas market set up near where you are, if you do, make sure you go!!!

Old Market Square

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  1. You look so cute with your boy:)


  2. Cute post ^^. Hopefully Rico will like it there.
    I'm planning to go to the Winter Wonderland in Central London this Thursday with Ray and some of his friends.

    N H Y C♥

  3. awwwwwwwwww :) :) SO CUTE you and your husband look like you had so much fun! you look beautiful as usual!!!!!

  4. This looks so fun!!!!

  5. Looks like a great day, I love a xmas market such nice food and a great atmosphere x

  6. I love Christmas Markets, my local town has theres this Friday but it's nothing compared to yours.


  7. I'd love to do the the Notts market one day, your pics are fab! The xmas market near my uni are so small and aren't that great, which is such a shame!


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