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RILEY by Little Bu Nail Polish

This is what I got in the post today from Secret Style File and Little BU Nail Polish.

The parcel was an adorable little thing wrapped in a cute white, pink and purple wrapping paper and to be honest, I had no idea what it was going to be!
After opening the package, I realised it was this cute, cute, cute nail polish by Little BU Nail Polish.

This isn't a normal nail polish review and I will tell you why now.
Seriously, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen and you'll DEFINITELY agree with me!

This nail polish is really made for young girls, probably primary school girls as its the solution to letting them prettify themselves in a safe manner.

Little BU nail polishes are non-toxic and odourless, they are also safe for nail biters.
The most amazing part of the nail polish is that you can simply wash it off, in warm water and with soap. As it is completely odourless, husbands and boyfriends need not fear that dreaded nail polish OR nail polish remover smell. My husband HATES the smell and tells me when and if I do my nails, I am not allowed to do it in our bedroom, or whichever room he is in at that time.
Being odourless it also means it is completely safe for pregnant women to use. I remember when I was pregnant, my husband pretty much banned me from using nail polish at all, in case I harm the baby.

I went to wash the dishes with the nail polish on and it didn't completely wash off, and just now, I went to go about washing it off and realised that it can stay on whilst washing your hands, but taking it off would mean you have to rub each individual nail which is perfect for little children as they do need to wash their hands during the day.

RILEY by Little Bu Nail Polish

The colour I received is a gorgeous pinky/reddish colour and its not ridiculously bright so adults can use it too... It's not too girly and has a GORGEOUS shine to it.
I think I'm in love.
The bottle is a bit small, but that's good as I have ridiculous amounts of nail polishes and they end up drying up if I don't use them often enough.

To be honest, this nail polish makes me want to give birth to a baby girl just so I can help her do her pretty nails without having to worry about her safety too much. So remember, it is odourless and NON-toxic and as it is a wash-off nail polish, you don't need to be fussing around with nail polish remover then making sure you wash it all off your daughter's hands etc.

The polish would be SO perfect for a day out, or for when a little princess goes off to a party...

The parcel came with Little BU's flyer with a bit of information on their products.
The instructions at the bottom of the flyer are clear and simple, not only that, I think they're pretty fuss free too! 

Please take a look at LITTLE BU's website, there are LOADS of different colours to choose from, so get your hands on these cute little polishes for little girls you know... Especially you mothers out there with little baby girls! These are gorgeous, safe, fuss free and CUTE nail polishes which your daughters can use safely. These would also be the PERFECT Christmas gifts for those little princesses out there.

Lastly, I would very much like to thank SECRET STYLE FILE for working with Little BU and sending me this gorgeous little goodie!

So a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to you both!!!

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  1. Hi fellow mommy! After seeing this post it makes me want to get a couple of these cute nail lacquers for my baby girl, she's almost 2 years old and always points at my nails when they are painted!
    Do you think it is worth buying a set for her?


    1. Hi Mary-Ann,

      I think you should, if I had a daughter, I definitely would, they're so child friendly and so easily washable =]

  2. Aww I also sometimes think I wanna baby girl in the future because of all the cute things that I can put her in >//3//< How cute!! Love this nail polish concept!! I'm sure many men in the house would appreciate the non-stinky formula. Thanks for blogging about this :)

    1. I know, every time I go shopping for my baby boy I see all these cute little baby girl dresses and shoes and it makes me just want them all!!!
      My husband LOVES this nail polish, it's the only one I can use around him xD But I hardly ever paint my nails pink ;)

  3. What a pretty color. It looks great on your hands.


    1. awwwh, thank you babe, that's so nice of you!
      It is quite a gorgeous colour ;)


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