Nail Care - Base Coat & Cuticle Oil

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I have always believed you need to apply a base coat before applying your regular polish, it helps to maintain your nail's strength and protects it from the nastiness of regular polishes... Not only that, a base coat does normally help to make you polish last just that little bit longer.

I have never actually tried Essie's base coat, so this time I decided to get the All in One Base, just to give it a go, normally I use the nail strengtheners from OPI and Sally Hansen which are both good too, but as I ran out and I am in love with Essie, why not?

There was an offer on at Superdrug on Sunday, 3 for 2 across all cosmetics, so I decided to try out their cuticle oil too...

So why do we need to use a base coat AND a cuticle oil, doesn't it just sound like a massive hassle? Can't we just apply our nail polish and call it a day? No, you really can't.

So as I said earlier, I haven't ever tried the Essie base coat range, but after using Essie's regular polishes, I think it will all be worth it... I have so many nail polishes and Essie has never failed me. Even some of the luxury end nail polishes end up with bubbles in, or they aren't so anti chip and I end up having to redo my nails more than I want to, but Essie seems to be ok, so I completely understand this Essie hype that is going on.

To be honest, I think Essie and OPI are pretty much on par with each other, they are both really easy to apply (this applies to both their base coats and their regular coloured nail polishes) and the colours are easy to work with. With Essie, I prefer their more nude and pastel colours as each pastel colour has so many different shades to choose from. With OPI, I have a lot of their bolder colours, or dark colours, black, glitters, pinks, oranges etc, but that's just my choice.

Anyway, back to base coats, every girl does need one and you SHOULD use it, its just a lot better for your nail to have that kind of protection. I like to use nail strengtheners too, and when I do run out of a base coat, I just use the nail strengthener from Sally Hansen instead.

From a young age, well, ever since I started applying nail polish to my nails, my mother had always said I need to use cuticle oil and to be honest, back then, I hated it, I just thought it was so much hassle and ignored her. Once I got to about the age of 18, I regretted it so badly, because my cuticles were so dry and no matter how much hand cream I applied, nothing would help, so I went back to using cuticle oil again.

Girls, invest in one and use it! Say if you do your nail all the time and not use cuticle oil, you might as well not even bother with your beautiful nails, your gel nails or your lovely nail polishes, it's all a waste of time because your finger will still look ugly! So get one now!!!

Cuticle oils are so easy to work with, you do your nails, or give yourself a manicure etc and just brush your cuticle over with some oil, massage it in, and your done! After a while, you'll see a big difference, your cuticles will regain so much more moisture and then your whole hand will just be a hell of a lot more well presented!

I do recommend the Essie base coat and cuticle oil, but to be honest, you can use whatever brand you can find, because these are necessities! You don't have to go for big brands, you can use your local drugstores own brand because they all do the same thing.

Bring back the moisture to your fingers and keep that polish on!


Just a quick peek at my newly tidied window sill... We had neglected this window sill for almost a year now, pretty much after the baby was born, the window was used for storage and I hadn't been able to open the blind for months and months on end.

We are now using it as a place mainly for fragrances, the bottles of Champagne won't be there soon as I will probably bring them out to drink over Christmas.

Here's a little list of what is shown in the photo (left to right, excl. Champagne):
  1. Lavender Linen Mist by Crabtree & Evelyn
  2. Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior
  3. Flower by Kenzo
  4. Chance by Chanel
  5. Acrylic Photo Blocks by Photo Box
  6. Lake Sunset by Yankee Candle
  7. JOOP! Hommes by JOOP!
  8. Touch For Men by Burberry
*all with links to retailers

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  1. babe I love those photos of you and your family, they look so cute! I dont normally use cuticle oil and my fingers are quite dry might try the Essie one!!!

  2. Which size Yankee candle is that?

  3. SO CUTE!!! I adore the pics of your family!! :D

    Also, thanks so much for this post my Yukimi ^ _ ^ I never bothered with cuticle oil before in my life and I like to use nail polish a lot. Next time I got to the drug store I will buy some :)

  4. Love this post girl!
    You should do a bedroom tour on your youtube!
    When will you start youtubing, would love to see your pretty face in videos!
    Daisy xxx

  5. I have to admit I don't always use base coat :(
    Adela x



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