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This may be my most random post yet, but I wanted to show you the weird and wonderful tools I have within my makeup and skincare collection.

I was quite nervous about doing this post, as, to be honest, I had no idea what any of these products are called! However, I will share links for each item to let you know where you can get them from, I bought 4 out of the 5 products from SASA in Hong Kong and as they do ship worldwide, you can get them yourselves online too!

Please note : the links may not be the exact product that I have, but they do the same job.

I actually think this one was from the SASATINNIE range and probably didn't cost even 5GBP...
All I wanted on the day was tweezers as I forgot to bring mine with me to Hong Kong. So I saw this, the tweezer part is not great with small hairs, so I had some difficulty plucking under my eyebrows.
So the tweezer part is easy to understand, you're probably now staring at the rounded end.

It is actually just a spring, a very closed up spring which you can use on your unnecessary facial hair. I roll this on my baby hairs around my hair line as I have so many, it is just to keep my hair line more defined especially for when I have make up on.

This spring is actually better with thin hairs, so don't worry if you roll it over your eyebrows, it won't take your eyebrows with it.

You can also use this on your cheeks, its not as if you have a spurt of facial hair coming up on your cheeks, but those little hairs can actually make your make up dull... So it is worth buying!

Now this tool has got to be my FAVOURITE. Its a mascara comb and all you do with it is brush through your eyelashes, after applying mascara and all it does it de-clump your mascara. It will take out the excess, so it is great for when you are doing BIG lashes, lots of layers of mascara and lots of curling.

It separates each eyelash, one by one and gets rid of the "spider's leg" effect that lots of mascara layers gives. After using this, you will be able to see each individual eyelash clearly giving much more focus on your eyes!

I used to have a plastic one, the comb was plastic too but I hated it because it was harder to clean, so now they have metal ones, they work a hell of a lot better.
All I use to clean it is a wet wipe and once it's clean, just dry it off and store it!

This one that I have is perfect because it's foldable which means it takes up even less space in my make up storage or make up bag.

Now I don't use this very much because I find it quite disgsuting, but I know people who do AND I guess it is something you should have.

One end is a pin or a loop and the other is some form of a scoop... No matter how I explain this, it will still sound disgusting, so I'm just going to say it straight....
The pin/loop end is used to pop your spot, or open up your blackhead, then you use the scoop end to scrape it off... The thought of it is REPULSIVE, but it will be your saviour when you are planning on applying your make up for your date or whatever and you find you have some big spot sitting on your nose.

I don't use this because I'm not a fan of "popping spots" but with blackheads, its always good to get rid of them if your cleanser doesn't do it for you.

I don't want to talk about this anymore because I physically feel sick.

This is my answer to the Clarisonic, lots of you may not be able to afford the Clarisonic face cleanser and maybe are saving up for it but in the mean time, you can try this. It does exactly the same thing, its just manual.

I like to pump my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (buy at Selfridges) directly onto the facial brush and then cleanse my face with it. The facial brush is made out of silicon and isn't harsh on your face so it is perfect for those with sensitive skin.
Remember, it is easy to clean too, you just wash it as if you are washing your hands! 

This facial cleanser has finger holes on the back of it so you can get a firm grip on it whilst washing your face. I wouldn't say it is a non slip tool as it is made out of silicon, but the finger holes make it much easier to use.

A cute thing about the design of this facial brush is the little sucker on the back which means you can stick it safely to your make up storage, shower door, window or even your mirror. If I don't use the sucker, I normally put it in my make up drawers because I'd hate to lose it.

There is a 20% discount on this item at Sasa.com at the moment so it's under 5GBP which is amazing for such a good product.

5. Compact Hello Kitty Scissors

I'd hardly call this a beauty gadget as I don't use scissors on myself... I keep them in my make up bag or make up drawers if in case I get some nasty label on an item of clothing that I need to cut off.
I know some people need scissors in the make up collection for various reasons and these are RIDICULOUSLY cute.

You could also get these for your pencil case for school etc. It is literally the size of a pen and in the same way as you use a pen, you open the lid and the scissors pop out.

These aren't the scissors you should be using for cardboard cutting or anything too durable as they are slightly more fragile than normal scissors but they are cute and very useful!

I don't have a link for this one but they are on eBay so try searching "Hello Kitty Compact Scissors".
I bought these from LOG-ON in Hong Kong, so if you're in HK at any time, go and check out their stationery department and you should be able to find them!

I hope you enjoyed this post on beauty tools, let me know what yours are by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Great post! Awesome products! Thanks for sharing:)

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  6. compact hello kitty scissors! yes!!! want' em!... I've never seen the acne remover or the facial brush though.. might come handy to me..I'll look for those...thanks for sharing!.,..and for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it!..
    stay cool!

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  8. I love all of these little gadgets, they're so cute!
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    She's so cute! <3

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  10. Hey hun! Thanks for leaving the comment on my post xo you NEED to try some laneige products! I guarantee you'll love them :)
    And these items in your blog post are super cute! I miss HK so much - theres soooo many things you can find there that you cant find in North America!

  11. So beautiful all of them! Wish I owned so many goodies! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Finding the perfect beanie is a bit tricky I agree, however on our Etsy shop we have well designed beanies of high quality and I am sure you would be happy if purchase any :)
    I personally got myself one, the grey with mint stripes hehe


  12. your storage collection looks amazing! great post:-)x

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