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Organic Moroccan Argan Hair Oil by ARGANIA

In September, I already posted about Moroccan Argan Oil (SEPTEMBER FAVOURITES POST), but that one was by ORGANIX... Now I have found an even better one, so I needed to let you guys know about it.

LEFT: Argania Moroccan Hair OilRIGHT: Organix Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil

This product ISN'T just for girls, guys, you can use this too!

I bought the Argania one in Boots and the Organix one in Superdrug, so they're both super easy to get hold of.
They're basically exactly the same thing, but after trying the Argania Hair Oil, I think I can gladly say I have found my actual favourite and my personal review rating for Organix has gone down.
I still use the Organix Shampoo and Conditioner as I am really enjoying it, but I think I will replace the hair oil with Argania.

Price-wise, Argania is a little more expensive, but it's not anything my Boots Advantage Points can't pay for, yet again, I used my reward points to buy this item.

The oil itself comes out exactly the same colour as the Organix, however, once I opened the bottle, I fell in love with the smell.

I don't know how to describe the smell for now, but if I do think of a way I will tell you, it's not floral, it's not yummy... it just smells perfect. I used it yesterday, earlier on in the evening, and my hair still smells of it now!

Argania hair oil seems a little more thin as a liquid than the Organix, so once I have put some on my hand, I rub my hands together and make sure to apply to the ends of my hair, then just brush my fingers through the rest of my hair to get the excess off my hands.

One thing you may be worrying about is if your hair will get greasy with the oil... and to be honest, it really depends on how much you apply, and if you apply nearer to your parting, make sure you are applying excess oil rather than just slap it on, otherwise the shine effect will look like you haven't washed your hair in a week!

The good thing about Argania's products is that they actually have a "LIGHT" version, on the bottle, it says that it is for blonde hair, or finer hair, but it doesn't mean you can't try that... It should look less "greasy", if you're worried that is.

I haven't yet taken a photo of the before and after of applying this hair oil, but I'll be sure to do that for you guys, so I'll keep you posted!

Now, if you read my SEPTEMBER FAVOURITES post, you may have noticed that I was quite irritated by the Organix packaging, the box was HUGE and the bottle was tiny, compared to it.
Argania is much better, it's more true to size, and this time I made sure to check the volume of the actual bottle... 100ml, perfect.

The bottle itself looks like a cough medicine bottle, it's also made out of glass, but doesn't have a fancy child-protection lid for those of you who still can't open them, you're fine!

The packaging is a little boring, the box makes the product look "posh", but seriously the bottle really does remind me of medicine...

As I still have just under half a bottle of the Organix oil, I think I will be using that as a hot oil treatment for when I wash my hair, because I am a little too in love with the smoothness Argania gives my hair.

My hair was so ridiculously dry before using Moroccan Argan Oil, and it just felt like it was dead... It really doesn't help that I am always dyeing my hair, but now that I am using this stuff, my hair feels like hair again... Not only that, the shine that the products give me is perfect, my hair never looks greasy and now with Argania in my collection, I SMELL FANTASTIC TOO, haha.

Argania also has shampoo, conditioners and even skincare, I don't know if I'll try the skincare, but I reckon I will give the rest of the haircare range a go if this hair oil continues to please me.


Argania's box gives the product a salon product feel, whereas the Organix would probably grab your attention more, but then you feel cheated when you open it to find your bottle is SO small.)

I can't really fault the size of either, because they both fit perfectly in my make up bag when travelling.

If I were to use the exact same amount of both the products on my hair, I can definitely say that Organix will give off a greasier look, so I end up using VERY small amounts... Where as the Argania was fine, it gave the healthy shine, rather than the unwashed greasy look which is NOT a good look at all.

Seriously, Argania.

Now, they are both worth the price, however Argania is relatively more expensive... it doesn't help that the Organix penetrating oil is actually currently on sale at Superdrug...
I would definitely buy Argania again, but I'm not so sure about Organix now.


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  1. I love argan oil, it works so great for your hair and not only!


    1. I'm so obsessed with the stuff it's unreal!!! ;)

  2. I love the organix oil =)

    I haven't looked into the Argan Oil that you have mentioned in this post. But do try Morrocanoil's brand, and also you should definitely try coconut oil and almond oils too - they helped strengthen my hair =)


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