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Lots of you have been asking to see more photos of my baby son and what's better than to blog a couple, just for your eyes.

Some people have asked me : How child birth was, is it hard being a mum, is he walking, is he talking? So I'm going to do a short blog post to update you with his progress now.

Taken on : 28th January 2013

Rico was born on 7th June 2012, so it makes him 16 months old now and in 2 days time, he'll be 17 months. These 17 months have been so difficult, but so rewarding altogether, it IS hard being a mum especially when babies can't communicate with you, they can, but their form of communication is screaming, crying and babble, it isn't anything that you can easily understand.

Taken on : 23rd January 2011

I kind of wanted to share my child birth story, but its not something that people should read, its something you need to go through without much knowledge of what actually happens in labour after all it is probably one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had. But ladies, I do have to be honest, it does hurt... and that's because I did it completely naturally, no meds, no gas, no needles (epidurals).

Now back onto Rico, he is walking and has been walking for months, we now get the excitement of seeing him run, then us running to pick him up when he bashes into the door, the dog... trips over a shoe etc. I would say it is a lot easier to look after him now, other than having to chase after him, a lot.

The first 3 months of baby life is the easiest and the hardest, every 2 hours or so, the baby will wail and scream at you, but you know that it is either a nappy changing or milk needed. Now, it is completely different, he will eat meals pretty much the same time as an adult does and maybe has a bottle of milk in between, but the crying is not just because he needs food or a nappy change - its because he wants this toy, doesn't want the toy anymore, wants your phone, throws it at you, wants this, wants that... Its hard to understand what he needs now, but he is starting to point at things and try to tell us what exactly it is he wants.

He can say a few words, nothing very important and all in Cantonese as we only speak to him in Chinese at home. I let him watch English TV such as, Cbeebies and CBBC, both of which are UK childrens TV channels so he can pick up more English and I read and teach him how to say things in both languages. I am also trying to involve more Mandarin in his life by saying some random things to him and by listening to Mandarin music, in hope that he will pick that up more easily too.

Taken on : 2nd November 2013

Motherhood is rewarding, every time my baby learns something, I feel that its my prize, I've won something. The latest addition to his little antics is a little Street Fighter education, I throw him the "HADOUKEN" fireball and he flops onto the bed, we're still in progress of learning this one, so hopefully I'll be able to share a video with you when we have perfected it.

Its amazing how a baby learns and how fast they do it, it has now got to the point where we have to watch what we say because he copies and imitates the things you say and do.
For myself, I have watched myself grow after becoming a mother and as a mother you suddenly just settle down without any hesitation as everything you do should be for your child, its "mother nature". I do still get time to go out clubbing, go to the gym and my husband and I do still have date nights, but less of them, I do let my husband have his time with his friends whenever he wishes. But sometimes we just feel like we want to stay at home with our son and have some family time. I think this is the main change when becoming a parent.

I really do hope you like this post because I do want to do more of these Mother & Baby posts.
Please let me know if there's any part of motherhood or baby life that you would like to read about by leaving a comment or emailing me at : yukimiyau@gmail.com


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