GHD Eclipse Style Event @ GHD London

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Location : GHD HQ, 82 Dean Street, London, UK
Date : Friday 13th December 2013
Time : 18:00 - 21:00

It's Friday the 13th, but I think it's been a lucky day for me, I had recently entered STYLESUZI's blog competition which offered the chance to win an invite to a GHD style event at the GHD HQ in Central London UK.

I treated this night as a girls' night out as I actually haven't had one of them in a while, and I'm glad I attended the event as I met some of the most down to earth of girls. I had actually spoken to some of the girls before the event via Instagram and Twitter etc. but had never seen them in person, so it was amazing to be able to finally meet them.

From left to right (photo credit to the GORGEOUS Hanh from HANHABELLE) :
Jess from JYUKIMI
Vivian from LIFE.IN.LOVE

Before the event, or even from the moment I had received my invitation everything was mayhem for me! How to get there, what to wear, what to expect from the event and will the other girls like me etc etc etc. I was so nervous and thankfully I got to meet up for a light bite with another winner beforehand so we could go together. Carmen, special thanks to you for calming my nerves!

The event consisted of :
Meet and Greet with Drinks and Cupcakes
Hair Makeover

The main focus of this event was the introduction of GHD's new styler, the Eclipse. I had already seen this styler online but as I am still using the GHD's Peacock Edition styler, I wasn't looking into it in real detail.

The event started off with drinks and cupcakes, giving us a chance to have a chat with other bloggers and non-bloggers alike. All the girls were so different in character but we all got along absolutely fine. LOVE YOU GIRLS ;). The event was actually also hosted by Tamara from Glam And Glitter, she is also a gorgeous girl which made the whole event more relaxed.

The next part of the event, was a demonstration given by the Head of Education in the UK and Ireland, JO ROBERTSON. She taught us how to use the Eclipse (or any other GHD styler) on any hair. The model in the photo below had turned up only 2 hours before this photo was taken with a full afro that met her shoulders, and we watched the transformation to sleek, smooth and straight hair.

After a series of questions and answers, all the invitees were given a list of festive party hair choices to choose from and we all got our hair styled. Some of us spent most of our time talking and time had ran out to get big hair do's but I chose to have mine done with a simple, effortless wave. It would have been such a waste if I went for anything too glamourous as I'd only be leaving the event to catch the train straight home to bed!

Thank you to SALLY WHITEHEAD for these amazing curls. After seeing these photos, I have made my decision to re-dye my hair, maybe next month, and I will go back to the pink/purple in the profile photo on my blog.

Talking of the purple/pink hair in my profile picture, one of the other bloggers at the event had the colour I used to have and want again, however, I want a slightly duller version of hers, her hair was pretty much perfect though!


Suzi decided eventually to have hers done in loose braids around her head with a wavy loose side pony to go with it and as usual, she looked gorgeous. Below is a video of Suzi getting her hair done and 2 photos of the end result. She actually told us that this hairdo is similar to what she wanted to have for her wedding and the rest of the girls all agreed that she would definitely make a beautiful bride.

I was extremely excited about meeting Suzi in person as the only contact I had with her was being friends with her on Facebook and watching her vlogs. The two of us have some mutual friends, but I have never had the chance to actually meet her and talk to her properly. It seemed quite scary meeting her at first, because I really didn't know what to expect and seriously, she was absolutely amazing and made me feel so welcome! If it wasn't for Suzi, I wouldn't have even been at this event, so THANK YOU SUZI!

Left : Jess from JYUKIMI.COM
Right : Suzi from STYLESUZI.COM

The other host, Tamara had her hair done in such a GORGEOUS up do, when she finally had her hair done, the first words that came to mind were "ROCK CHICK". The contrast in tones in her hair makes the hairstyle look ever so chic and so GLAM AND GLITTER!


A big thanks to the GHD team, Shine, Suzi and Tamara for such an enjoyable evening, I really did need this girls' night out.
Both Suzi and Tamara were such great hosts and I met the most wonderful of people on the night.
Thank you all for making this event happen!

Finally here is Suzi from StyleSuzi's vlog about the event:

Hope all of you enjoy your weekend!

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  1. omg!!! You are so lucky girl, I love stylesuzi so much! Yukimi, you look absolutely perfect girl, so lucky to get your hair done at GHD!

    Nicki xxx

  2. Looks like a fun filled day with some great girls! Loving the curls btw, I could never master curls with GHDs properly :O


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