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As you all know I decided a few months ago to dye my hair red, bright red in fact and I don't exactly regret it, but it does take quite a lot of effort to maintain it. My hair seems to lose its colour a lot easier now that it is red, I never had this problem when I had brown or near to blonde/brown hair!

Lots of you have commented on my hair and asked which dye I use etc, so here I am to tell you exactly which dye I tend to pick... To be honest, I don't think I have used the exact same colour each time I have re-dyed it or topped up on the dye or whatever you would like to call it.

SCHWARZKOPF LIVE COLOR XXL - this is my favourite pick, I say favourite pick, but to be honest with a colour so bright, there aren't that many choices in the drugstores in the UK... most of the brands just do the standard or more natural hair colours...
I always call this red the "Rihanna Red" because I don't really know how to describe it, but with my natural hair colour being dark brown, it does not show up half as red as the photo... unless of course I bleach my hair or it is a re-dye... However, I haven't actually ever used this exact colour before, so I gave it a try.

The colour I used this time is called "RED PASSION", #43, but it didn't really work like it usually does, I prefer the reds with a pink/purple tint, it seems to be easier on the eye... but then this time I dyed my hair, it doesn't really look red at all, so it was kind of a fail. I will re-dye it again maybe in 2 weeks time or so. Hopefully, this will mean I can share photos of my hair colour with you then!

For people with DARK hair, and by dark I mean dark brown to black, this colour probably won't turn out as it says on the box, so I'd recommend you to bleach it first, scary, but it is really the only way you will get the colour that you might actually want! Otherwise, you may actually end up with the same colour as you started with the SLIGHTEST tint of red.

Don't be scared as the mixture does come out orange when you apply it, but it REALLY should not depict the colour of your hair as an end result.

The lighting was really poor for this photo so I had to turn on the flash, but seriously, the red is REALLY not that red in person, so I was quite disappointed with my home dye this time round.

This post isn't really a review on the product, its more to answer your questions on how I dye my hair, I always home dye as I change my mind so easily, so I don't fancy going to a salon and paying a larger amount of money for something I may dislike the next week.
For now, I'm really liking the whole red hair business, so I may keep it for a bit longer, but I don't fancy getting the dye above again as I don't actually like the colour that much. I'll stick to the pink/purple shade of red instead!

I hope I answered your questions on what colour my hair is now and which dye I use etc... But I do have to say, if you can avoid it, just DON'T dye your hair, it's SUCH a chore.


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  1. Gorgeous colour!!! :)


  2. Looks amazing!
    Love your blog so have followed :)
    Sarah xx
    check out mine? ballerinasandbuttons.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I seriously love your hair color babe!
    Joanna xxx

  4. I just dyed mine from my natural blonde to rich golden brown using L'Oreal Feria dye, really loving it! I always used to be so scared of dyeing my hair :)


  5. Your hair is beautiful; you did a great job. I've never dyed my hair; maybe I will get some highlights one day. My hair is jet black so I know it will be a lot of work.
    (I'm from bloggymons by the way; I saw the thread you posted there)


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