Best of Beauty 2013

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Firstly, a big happy new year to you all!

Now that we are into 2014, I think its the perfect time to show you my "Best of Beauty" list of 2013.
All the items mentioned in this post are either gifts or things that I have purchased myself, and I will let you know exactly which is which!

The following list will just be a few of my favourite beauty picks from 2013, along with my personal opinion on each product.

Hope you enjoy this post and let me know what your favourites of 2013 were!

Clarisonic Mia II

This is by far my favourite buy of 2013... Lots of people comment on my skin and say how flawless it is, but sometimes, it really is just the wonders of makeup. I am lucky because both my parents have good skin, my dad never gets spots and my mum, even now her skin still glows! She follows a very strict skincare routine which is really good because she is taking care of herself, and she normally eats quite healthily, she doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and she has naturally good looking skin!

I rarely get spots and the only time I do get spots is when I'm on my period, but I don't know if it is after using the Clarisonic that I no longer get spots during that time of the month.

I had read loads of reviews online and watched lots of Youtube videos about the Clarisonic and people were saying how it was also their best purchase, I thought they were just glorifying this facial toothbrush, but after using it, I can confirm, they really aren't exaggerating.

Many people said that when they first used the Clarisonic it would cause them to break out, but I haven't had that issue yet. The brush actually cleanses your face, it completely brings out all that dirt from inside your pores, helps to reduce acne/spots, get rid of blackheads/whiteheads, help with anti-ageing and evens out your skin, all these disgusting things done by one simple machine.

One main thing I have noticed with using the Clarisonic is that when I apply my makeup base it just goes on so much easier than before, the final result looks so much smoother and in effect, I'm using less foundation, less tinted moisturiser, less whatever I am using as a make up base!

It is so easy to use and the results are insane! I never used to be able to see my pores, but during the first 2 weeks of using it, I could see my pores appearing, it got me quite nervous and made me not want to use it anymore, but they're all gone now and my skin is even smoother than before.

It's not just for women, guys, you should use it too! Yeah, it might seem so girly and embarrassing but seriously, you want to look good too right?

I think the Clarisonic is around 100-150GBP (you can get it at John Lewis or Debhenhams, or even Amazon, just have a look around) but it is money well spent and you can use it for years!

Philips Lumea Precision

My mother in law gave me this using some rewards points and to be honest, I don't use it all that much... This might explain why:

The Lumea Precision is a laser hair removal gun and it does exactly the same job as what you would spend a lot more money on in a beauty salon with a trained beauty technician for your laser hair removal treatment(s). You can use the machine by yourself easily and it is safe to use.

Laser hair removal is good for people who need to remove body hair frequently, you use the gun and you should be ok for 3 months max.

This machine is quite pricey, it's being sold at Boots for just under 300GBP, I can't say it is completely worth the money because some people prefer to shave, wax or epilate, so really it is a matter of choice. However, you do have to remember that within a year, it probably isn't that hard for you to spend at least over 100GBP on hair removal products, probably even more... With the Lumea Precision, you get a 2 year global warranty and it lasts for over 370 flashes, so it is worth the 300GBP but it IS a larger investment. BUT, I can tell you, after using this, I won't need to remove hair for almost 3 months...

EOS Lip BalmsI got my first EOS lip balm in Hong Kong at easter time and I love the scent. It's in such a cute packaging  and it applies so easily.

Last month I did a beauty swap with the beautiful Emyli from www.di-amore.com - I will be blogging the swap very soon. She actually sent me a pack of 3 EOS balms and they're SO delicious, I just want to eat them haha.

I know Selfridges sell them, but they are quite expensive compared to USA, so I am so happy that I got them sent to me. THANK YOU EMYLI!

Mac Eyeshadow Palette

This is quite embarrassing actually, I bought my first Mac Eyeshadow Palette only a few months ago, and it's one of the BEST buys of 2013, it's probably one of the best buys of my life to be honest, I can't believe I didn't get it earlier.

So now I am starting to build my collection, I don't think I will be completing it any time soon, but I'm getting somewhere. All the colours available are gorgeous and they apply so well.. I don't think I can fault it.

Beauty Blender

I've heard so many good things about this, and I'm so happy that Emyli had sent this to me in our beauty swap.

What it simply is, is a beauty sponge for applying foundation and blending it in to make it give a natural look, and boy, it really does. I used to use Bobbi Brown and MAC's foundation brushes but they really didn't give a natural makeup base, so I went back to using my fingers, and a beauty sponge I bought in Hong Kong, but nothing compares to the Beauty Blender. Thank you again Emyli.

Chanel Perfection Lumière Flawless Fluid Makeup

I was amazed by this foundation, I previously used the aqua lumiere foundation by Chanel but as this ran out and I got curious, I tried out the new Perfection foundation. It gives a bit more coverage but still stays natural. I can't say that it is a "shiny" or "matte" foundation as it kind of just blends in with your own complexion... It just looks.. Natural! I don't know if I could ever use this on a day to day basis, given the price and as I kind of do prefer the previous aqua lumiere as it's MORE natural.

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser

I'm quite happy with this product, I like using tinted moisturisers, especially in the summer, at the beach etc...

If I'm not going anywhere special, it's daytime or I'm out running errands, I have always preferred to just mix moisturiser with my chosen foundation to use as my makeup base.. And recently, I've been wearing a lot less makeup as I don't really go anywhere much... I've been trying to lessen on my makeup and try a more bare faced look so my swear by item would be this tinted moisturiser.
I've tried the MAC tinted moisturiser, and I hated it because of that paint smell it gives off, but now I'm using this Laura Mercier, it is much better, it doesn't smell like paint, more like just a standard foundation.

The main reason I chose the illuminating one is because it has a slight hint of shimmer to it, giving your face a more dewy or glowy look which I do prefer.

Lancôme Bi-Facil Instant Cleanser

I use an extra waterproof mascara : Kiss Me by Heroine Make and it is SO difficult to get off, but it actually comes with it's own mascara remover, so I do have to apply that first before using the Lancôme.

I have tried to use the Lancôme without the mascara remover, but the mascara just won't budge.
I really like this eye makeup remover and I use a bit on big cotton pads and just cover my eyes with the pad to clear off all the eyeshadow, excess mascara, eyeliner etc... My skin is actually quite sensitive and so are my eyes, but this product doesn't seem to affect me, so thumbs up to this one. Not only that, I know it will last me a while as I normally cleanse my face properly and shower after cleaning off my makeup anyway.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Moisturising Body Cream
This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Chanel Chance perfumes are one of my favourites and the body cream smells exactly the same so it's perfect.

I mainly use this for my hands, arms, neck and collarbone area after I shower before going out...
It kind of means I can get away with spraying less perfume when going out!

It's in a huge tub which only means it's going to last a very long time.

The consistency is quite, maybe I should say watery? But it applies so well and it makes my skin feel so smoother afterwards. The fragrance is obviously not as long lasting as the eau du parfum but it does a seriously good job. If I'm only going out for a casual day out, I'll just use deodorant and this body cream and I'm done, not even any need for perfume at all.


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  1. Great post! I love the sound of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser! I really want to get a Clarisonic, too - need to save up :)

    Jess xo

    1. The tinted moisturiser is so good, it is so smooth too, so you're not piling on make up ;)
      Definitely save up for the Clarisonic, I acually regret not getting it earlier!


  2. I just received a clarisonic for Christmas, and I know it's already a favorite! I broke out for the first two weeks, but my skin is clearer than ever now! ♥

    Brittany's Secret

    1. I didn't break out but my pores are still visible when I don't have makeup on..
      But my skin tone is much more even now and some scars left over from spots before are starting to disappear too, seriously my FAVOURITE of 2013!

  3. Very jealous of your EOS lip balms, I'm desperate to try them! x


  4. Love your beauty picks for last year! I literally want to try all of those products!
    When will you start youtubing more? It would be so nice to see more videos from you

    Elaine xxx

  5. That Mia II looks so useful now that you've said it works Yukimi =^ ^= I should probably get one because my skin is very oily so there's a lot of stuff to get washed out >///< as nasty as that sounds!! haha

  6. High Five love,

    I love the Laura Mercier Moisturizer <3 I've always wanted to try the EOS Lip Balm and Channel's Foundation! Gonna give them a try! Love all the details babe.





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