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I keep trying to push this post away and just NOT do it because until today, all those products in that white basket just sat on top of my make up drawers, loose and messy...

I actually went to TK MAXX (or TJ MAXX for those in USA) and found some cutie little things to add to my room for decoration, so I'll do a quick run through of where I got these items from.

1) MAKE UP DRAWERS - Ryman Stationery - SMALL / LARGE

First of all are the make up drawers... I bought both sets at Ryman's Stationery - SMALL SET, LARGE SET (A4 Size). I've left the links for you in case you want to check them out, I bought mine last year and NO way were they so expensive, I bought the small set for 4.99GBP and the A4 set for 11.99GBP, but they're now 27.99GBP!!!!

Either way, I wanted to get them about 3 years ago but as I was constantly moving home, from China, to Nottingham and then to where I am now, I didn't want to buy things that I could so easily lose or break when transporting them.

I know a lot of people get them from Muji and honestly, I was going to get them from Muji almost 3 years ago... and I didn't, then the Nottingham Muji closed down, so I'm glad I found them at Ryman's at a cheaper price.


I bought these baskets at TK MAXX yesterday, I actually went in for a random look at the home section and came across these.

As I said before, I used to leave all my skincare on top of my large make up drawers and it started to get messy, so I was originally going to get a tray or something to put everything in, but really couldn't resist when I saw these...

Both of them cost just over 5GBP, the larger they are, the more expensive... there were 3 different sizes and I got the medium and the large, and these 2 had a price difference of 1GBP.

They are in a basket form and are made from metal, with pearly beads weaved in around the whole thing. The basket is heart shaped, which makes it actually quite convenient for the corner of the room or something, it may sound like such a stupid shape, but it is CUTE.

I don't have much on my window sill in the bathroom as everything else is put into drawers and the stuff I use in the bathroom changes almost weekly so at the moment I have left some of the things I use: Olive Oil for hair, Hairspray, a Spare Cleanser, Make Up Brush Cleaner... I wouldn't say these are essentials, but their home is the window sill, and now they live in the smaller basket.


Ok, this may sound absolutely ridiculous, but listen, I have my reasons ;)
My EOS lip balms need a home... all the rest of my lip products live in the small make up drawer and they have such a cosy home, too cosy for these BIG lumps : that is the EOS lip balms. They're too big to fit in the make up drawer and normally just sit on top of the drawers...

SO I bought this... this Eiffel Tower - maybe ring and watch/bracelet holder? I would use this as a watch/bracelet stand, but I bought a watch stand in the past:

So instead, the EOS lip balms and my rings go on there, if I go out, I would wear 3 rings all on one finger... My wedding ring, 21st birthday present and wedding present. My wedding ring never comes off (UNLESS I'm doing make up as I don't want to get it dirty) and the rings will not sit there during the day, they have a safer home.


I've been looking for a better way to store my cotton wool pads as I was literally just using the bag they come in originally, so this dispenser has made my make up table top a little more organised.
I ordered this on ebay around a month ago or so and it cost 3.99GBP from a Chinese seller. It's not branded, but I think it looks a little like the Anna Sui design, minus the black (there is a black one too).

This one is made from plastic, but one HUGE issue is that my cotton wool pads are oval shaped and larger than the space available in the dispenser. So, until I find a suitable sized cotton wool pad, I'll still be using the Boots ones in the photo.

This was recommended by my best friend Annabel (INSTAGRAM : @xbellabell).
Please go check out her Instagram!

She sent me a photo of her one but as her's is made from glass, I had to go and search for a plastic one due to the fact I have a CHEEKY baby, he would break that within seconds of it even appearing in this house.

So that is what is on my table top, of course I have a mirror, but it's just a standard boring mirror so there's no point in showing that, haha.
Everything that's on my table top is what I use almost daily, everything else goes into my large set of drawers which I will probably show another day because that will be a HUGE post.

Hope this gives you some inspiration of how to organise your table top.
AND, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!



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    keep in touch!

  2. Where did you get that watch/bracelet holder from? & Can you ask your friend where her cotton pad dispenser is from?? I need one!!!! x

    1. Hey =)
      I bought the bracelet holder from Tk Maxx, I think it was around 5GBP, but I can't remember the exact price...
      The cotton pad dispenser is from eBay, just search "cotton pad dispenser", I bought mine for 3.19GBP!!!

  3. I love these storage drawers, they're fabulous! I really should get some for my make up and hair products!

    1. You should! But do look around because you may grab a bargain ;)

  4. Lovely video!



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