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These are seriously my FAVOURITE product and my ex MALE housemate recommended them to me, so thank you Gervas... and now it is my turn to recommend them to you!
Gervas gave me one to try when I was living with him and the next time I went back to Hong Kong, I came back with like 5 boxes of them! I'm slowly running out now, so thank god I can buy them online, and I'll leave the link for you at the bottom of this post ;)

They are simply MAGIC, its an odd looking thing (kind of looks like a sanitary towel, on your face) but it works perfectly. The eye mask generates heat whilst on your eyes and it only goes up to around 40 degrees, so it won't be burning your face or eyes, so DON'T WORRY.... but the steam helps your eyes sweat out all their fatigue...

It really is so hard explaining what this thing actually does, but in simpler words, it helps you get rid of eyebags, swelling (if you've been crying all night) and just helps your eyes relax.

I normally wear this at night when I sleep, just to get myself to sleep easier, plus I face my laptop/iphone/ipad screen all day, it just helps to take that strain off my eyes. If you're hungover the next morning and are hating those disgusting things called eyebags, or if you cried yourself to sleep, seriously, get yourself some of these to sort your eyes out! After using it, no one will realise you were being a cry baby!

They come in a few different scents and my favourite has got to be the lavender just because it is ridiculously soothing.

If I have a blocked nose or a cold then I will choose the minty one just to help unblock that stuffy nose.



Now you see what I mean about them looking like a sanitary towel on your face...
That split at the bottom of the eye mask is simply a slit for your nose, so that marks the bottom of the mask.
On either side of the mask are ear holes, so the mask stays in place... I find this an issue when I sleep with it on though, as the mask then moves off your eyes.

I used it again last night as my eyes just felt so tired and they started watering...
Within minutes of using the mask, I was sleeping like a little piggy and I woke up this morning really fresh-eyed!

So screw the embarrassment, BYE BYE TIRED EYES!

I was not sponsored for this post, my eyes were such a mess last night, I just had to let you all know how I deal with it.



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  1. AWWW thats so cute, I love how you don't care what people think about you! I think I need to buy some of these, ur setting a trend huni!
    Rachel XXX

  2. I think Rachel (above) probably wanted to say how cute you look in that photo and then how it's funny how you don't care what people think about you...
    I loved this post, it's so lively and I'm definitely getting some of those pads too!

    Crystal xxx

  3. Wow, they do look strange but I'd love to try those out! I'm always staring at my computer screen and I find myself getting fuzzy eyes from time to time.. Since my mum's in HK right now, I better ask her to help me buy some ;)

    Thanks Jess! xx
    N H Y C♥


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