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I think I have found a new found love, a not so expensive and super easy to use body moisturiser... The Vaseline Spray & Go.

The name it has been given is pretty much self explanatory, you spray the product on your body... and you're good to go!

I decided to buy the ALOE FRESH version, I don't actually remember what other fragrances they actually offer, but after looking online I found out the do them in Aloe Fresh, Cocoa Radiant and Essential Moisture (which I assume is the original). All of which you can buy for yourself on the BOOTS UK Website.
I chose Aloe just because I like to use moisturiser as a form of after sun care as after sun products always seem a little sticky and maybe a little greasy too.

This product is literally moisturiser in a can, you spray it on your body, quickly rub it in and it locks in moisture for you within seconds, straight after that, you can dress yourself and get out the house, you don't even need to do - what I call "the moisturiser dance", if you use self tanning products you'll know exactly what I mean... You prance around trying to air dry the product before getting dressed or getting into bed.

Why did I buy this product? I literally have not got an answer to this question, I was just at my parent's place, went to Tesco and remembered that I completely forgot to bring any moisturiser for my body with me, so I bought it... The next blog post will also show what I bought randomly from Tesco, for the exact same reason.

I actually really enjoy this product and have been using it since I bought it, almost every day since I bought it actually. I have a lot of different body moisturisers but this one is the easiest I have used. I reckon it is actually targeted at the more lazy person, I kind of fall into this category too.

I don't strongly recommend it, but I think this is perfect for vacation because it is a lot lighter than normal bottles of moisturiser, obviously as it is compressed. Men and women can use it alike, and of course children too. I can't say I'm amazed at the product, but I know if I got my husband to start moisturising his body, he'll definitely be more willing to use this than your conventional creamy moisturiser in a bottle.

After checking on the BOOTS Website it actually seems more expensive than what I paid for at Tesco, so maybe check your local supermarket instead of your local drugstore.


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