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I got so excited when I received these through the post!

YU! HEALTH SNACKS sent me a wide selection of their yummy goodies, they tweeted me and asked me which snacks I preferred most out of their selection - so I basically said, surprise me, but I DON'T eat bananas, so NOTHING banana please...

Last month, I tried these snacks for the first time, we went to do our weekly grocery shopping and I thought I would go and get some raisins or some form of dried fruit for Rico, just small and easy snacks for when I take him out shopping or something.

So I came across these, individual small packets of fruity goodness! I like dried fruits and things like that, so I grabbed 4 packs of these, all different types of fruits - 2 packets of normal fruit and 2 of the yoghurt coated.

I have to say, Rico only ended up having 2 of the packets I bought because I ate the other 2... I'm a terrible mother.

But early on last week, I received 2 packages in the post containing these snacks, normal ones, fruit bars and the yoghurt coated ones too! I was so happy to see them. Personally, I've never enjoyed fruit bars, I don't mind cereal bars, but the sound of fruit bars doesn't really attract me. Rico had one yesterday, he tried the yoghurt coated strawberry one and it did look good, but I have to admit, it still didn't attract me, so Rico can have the bars... Yet again, I have confirmed that I am, in fact, a terrible mother.

I think these are perfect for your handbag and when you go travelling because they are light and easy snacks which is a great thing because they are that little boost just to help you get through the day. I've now got 2 packets in the baby bag and one that stays in my handbag just in case and seriously, they are the perfect healthy snack for my son in between meals.

Being a healthy low calorie snack, YU! Healthy Snacks fit perfectly in between meals as it is a light snack and isn't your usual packet of crisps or chocolate bar, so it's a yummy healthy alternative.

I've taken a photo of the back of one of the packets and you can all see that the contents aren't too bad for you, I wouldn't say it is as good as actually eating a piece of fruit, but it is a much healthier snack than what we normally class as snacks.

So these are our new healthy snacks, for mother and for baby. They are super affordable from supermarkets too, I think I got them for less than 1GBP each at Sainsbury's, I don't remember the exact price.

Finally, I want to thank YU! Health Snacks once again for sending me these goodies, I don't think they'll last me long though, I'm getting addicted!!!



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