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If you’re looking for a cleanser that will work well with your Clarisonic, I’ve found one that works for me.

AVÈNE is made in France and all their products are very natural and mostly fragrance-free. They are aimed at people with sensitive skin, but to be honest, everyone’s skin needs a break from all those chemical-full products we use without knowing.

I was first introduced to Avène by my Auntie, and the year after that, it was stocked in my local drugstore, Boots. It’s not a super pricey product but yes, it is more expensive than the usual drugstore skincare brand.

This specific product is for sensitive and irritated skin, so I actually enjoy using this along with my Clarisonic. Sometimes, the Clarisonic brush heads can be quite harsh to my skin, so I can’t always use exfoliator with it, so I’ve turned to this. My auntie gave me a 125ml tube and I’ve probably used about 10 squeezes so far, so I have plenty left.

When it’s squeezed out, it’s just a colourless and odourless gel and what I like to do is keep my face dry, but gently wet the hand without the gel on, then massage it into my face. It foams up so easily and to be honest after it has lathered up, it’s no longer odourless and actually smells like a cheap bar of soap when it’s on my face.

If I use the Clarisonic, I wet the brush head then squeeze the product directly onto my brush head, then follow the timer on the machine itself and it foams up EVEN more than when I use my hands. Then I splash on cool-ish water to rinse off the product, I got it into my eyes the first time I used it, but surprisingly, it didn’t sting, which is always a bonus!

So I only really use this with my Clarisonic, which means I get to use it around 3 times a week. I can’t say that I can see any major changes or improvements on my face because of it, but my face feels less irritated after using a harsher Clarisonic brush head if I use this cleanser.

It doesn’t dry out my skin when I use it, but obviously, I continue with my skincare routine afterwards to ensure I lock in the moisture. A bonus point to all the Avène products, they're hypoallergenic, paraben-free and rich in their own "Eau Thermale D'Avène" (Avène thermal spring water).

If you haven’t yet tried any Avène products, I do recommend them, especially to those of you who have sensitive skin. I wouldn’t say this is a product for people who have normal skin, because it won’t do anything for you as such. However, if you have sensitive skin, maybe if you suffer from eczema and have minor rashes on your face or even simply have sunburn, this product is gentle enough for you and your face will definitely feel less itchy and uncomfortable.

This product ended up in my April Favourites and you can watch the video here:


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