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I am so excited to share this with you!

I used to subscribe to GLOSSYBOX, but got a little bored with what I was receiving so when my subscription ended, I didn’t bother topping it up again. I found that I was receiving samples of brands I’d never heard of, products I’d never end up using, so I just stopped subscribing completely. I reckon I received my last GLOSSYBOX at the end of 2013 to be honest. (I don’t really want to do a full comparison of the 2 boxes, but I will refer to the GLOSSYBOX and BIRCHBOX just so you all get a general idea of what the difference is.)

At the end of April, I thought, why don’t I try something else, so I thought BIRCHBOX looks quite good, I’ve seen other bloggers write about what they received, and seriously, it looks a lot better than my last subscription.

I went onto the BIRCHBOX website and found that HARPER’S BAZAAR were going to do a collaboration box for the month of May, so that was kind of the main temptation that drew me into subscribing. I received the box earlier on this week and got so ridiculously excited so I opened it immediately.

The actual BIRCHBOX itself is absolutely GORGEOUS! The design is ridiculously perfect, so floral, so colourful and just amazing, I really can’t find any other words to describe how attractive it looks!

My first impression was already quite different to when I opened my first ever GLOSSYBOX, I was so excited and I still was when I opened it, the box itself looked elegant. However, one thing I didn’t really like about the GLOSSYBOX packaging was the stuff inside, the strings of tissue paper inside the GLOSSYBOX actually really annoyed me, because I never knew what to do with them, they wasted SO much space in my bedroom bin and bringing them straight downstairs to the recycling bin was also annoying, BUT the GLOSSYBOX box is a lot stronger, more durable than the BIRCHBOX box.

ANYWAY! Ramble, ramble, ramble, back to the BIRCHBOX. Upon opening the box, the products are placed into a drawstring bag, my bag had teal coloured drawstrings and it will be useful for separating samples in my make up sample drawer. There’s the information flyer on the products inside, a thank you note from Birchbox, a little booklet that shows some summer products, a few promotions etc.

I won’t be doing full reviews on these products but will tell you my general first impression when opening each of them. The reason being that, I have not yet tried them all and don’t want to mislead you all.

So onto what I received:

(all available on BIRCHBOX.CO.UK)

When I first opened the box, I actually thought this was a mini fragrance or something, the packaging is somewhat “high-class”, I really wasn’t expecting it to be a nail lacquer. I have never heard of this brand at all and I have never seen it in stores or anything.

As most of you may know, I am an absolute nail polish addict, so adding one more to the collection is perfect. BIRCHBOX sent me the shade – POMEGRANATE. It’s a reddish, orangey colour, I tried it on as soon as I received it to test out the colour and to see how it applies etc, and the formula is gorgeous. Don’t you just love opening new nail polishes? The liquid is just so smooth, to be honest, I think this nail polish is on par with OPI, I know that’s a huge statement, but the application is definitely on point! I will do a full review on this nail polish soon, and I will obviously leave it on my nails for a few days and see when it starts to chip and let you all know what I think.

This nail polish is available on the BIRCHBOX website and the range of colours is, in my words, elegant.

This is odd because I actually found out about this product maybe about 2 weeks ago and was planning on buying it or finding a sample to try.

I’m actually using the EVE LOM cleanser at the moment and saw people compare these 2 on blog posts and beauty videos etc, in the end, the conclusion is that EVE LOM is inevitably better, but there is a pretty hefty price tag attached to that, so LIZ EARLE’S cleanser is actually a cheaper alternative.

This cleanser is a 2 part cleanser (the same as Eve Lom’s) and comes with a muslin cloth which helps to exfoliate the face. However, Eve Lom has a 6 step routine and Liz Earle just has 2 steps, cleanse and rinse… I will be doing a full comparison review on the two of them very soon, so I’ll keep you posted.

I am so excited about trying this one because of the good reviews I have read on it, apparently it doesn’t match up to the Eve Lom, but being a cheaper alternative, that is always a plus.

I'm not really one to try new mascaras, actually, whether they be new or not... I guess I'm TOO in love with the one I've been using for years on end (Heroine Make Mascara). However, I have read reviews on this one and people seem to have a 50/50 take on this mascara.

One thing I do like about this mascara is the brush, it's not your standard brush and has a ball like end. It claims that it will give you falsie looking lashes, without the falsies, so it gives you volume, length and those striking black lashes that normal mascara may not be able to give you.

I use to use fibre mascaras like the notorious FIBERWIG mascara which did the exact same thing, but the fibres seemed to clump quite easily which annoyed me a hell of a lot.

Benefit's They're Real isn't supposed to clump up and you are supposed to apply it to the base of your lashes right through to end meaning you may need to apply a few more layers which could also be quite irritating.

I think this is one of the first mascaras I am looking forward to try, just because of the mixed reviews, I know, I'm weird like that!

Let me know if you have used this and if it worked for you, love to know you're They're Real! experiences!

I have to be so honest with you and tell you that I hate receiving sample hair products in these beauty boxes, because I have long, thick hair and the sample sizes are pretty useless. So I wasn’t exactly impressed when I received these two and don’t even know what to tell you about them!

I normally like sample sizes of products because I can try them or bring them with me when I go traveling. These 2 are sample sizes, but in my opinion, I believe they only accommodate 2 washes worth of product, so they aren’t even worthy of me bringing them on holiday (unless of course I’m only going for 2 days).

So according to the Birchbox website, these 2 products actually help to prevent further damage to your hair by immediately protecting each strand of hair.
They have Honey Pearl Powder in which work as a keratin to help keep your hair hydrated, healthy and of course, increase the volume and shine.

I will certainly give these a try and I seriously hope I can get 2 washes out of them, I guess I’ll be using them super sparingly.

When I first read the name of this product, I thought it was literally JUST for baths, then I read the word “morning” and thought, who on earth has time in the morning for a bath? But ok, it was me scanning the words way too quickly for anyone’s liking.

I LOVE aromatherapy products, I love the smell, I love the calming effects they give, I just love them in general, but I hardly ever have the time to have a relaxing bath.

I actually quite like the idea of this product, they introduce the product by saying you need that boost in the morning, some choose coffee as they need that buzz, that burst of energy, but then you have this bath & shower oil… I thought it was a little cheesy, but seriously, it grabbed my attention!

I’m looking forward to using this, and I hope it helps me release my stress and help calm me.

So those are the products I received in the May Birchbox and I’m quite impressed by them, it definitely is the best beauty box I have received so far, so I’m looking forward to seeing what is in my next box!

Before I end this post, BIRCHBOX actually gave me ONE more product, this is a full-size product and this is by far my favourite gift I have received from any beauty box:

Need I say much more about this product? You must all know how fantastically amazing this is… and technically I didn’t pay a penny for it.

BIRCHBOX were doing a special offer when I signed up for my subscription, so not only did I pay a little less for my boxes they would give me a subscription gift of HOOLA by Benefit. I was literally going to buy this bronzer last week as I had ran out of one of my bronzers, so I needed a quick replacement… And, what a coincidence, BIRCHBOX kind of helped me save a bit of money!

I am looking forward to using this, and I cannot actually believe that I am SO late getting on the Hoola bandwagon.

I want to thank you for all reading this long post, let me know what you think of the products AND what’s your favourite beauty box?

Have a good weekend.

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  1. DAMN they seem 100x better than Glossybox!! I am even tempted to get one, but goodness knows I spend too much on make up I never use already. Haven't been on your blog in a while, I have a lot of catch-up reading to do~~

  2. WOOOOOW Yukimiiiii those products all look so good!!! You're making me want to subscribe also!!! :P That nail polish packaging really does look super expensive. I wonder if it's going to get really big soon!! Probably will cost a lot since the packaging is already so nice! Score!!~

    And the Heroine Make Mascara is to die for? I don't know much about mascaras!! I think I'll try it out :D

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽


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