It's #RODIALGLAMUP Time! - Rodial Makeup Review

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It's #RodialGlamUp time, so get your Rodial Glam on!

I was luckily sent these make up products to try out and I think I'm slowly falling in love. I think my favourite most definitely has to be their Glamstick, or their lipstick.

RODIAL Glamstick in Revenge - £25

I really like the packaging, especially as the Glamstick itself is in a transparent casing, it makes it look so modern yet so classy. The packaging actually makes it look expensive and to be honest, this product isn't cheap... At 25GBP it isn't THE affordable lipstick, but you are getting your money's worth of a product, it applies similar to the YSL Sheer Candy's, it is ridiculously smooth and in my personal opinion, even more moisturising.

The Glamstick is in the shade Revenge, which is a gorgeous pink, below is a swatch of the Glamstick and you can see that it is a little sheer, it is not shimmery but keeps a bit of a wet look, so your lips don't look dried out after applying it.

The Glamstick is filled with Vitamin E and cocoa butter which helps to protect and hydrate your lips. It also has SPF 15, so it can protect your lips from any unwanted sun damage. So, this has got to be the perfect lipstick/lip tint for the summer!

The shade Revenge is quite a hot pink but it's not excessively pink, as you can see when it is on my lips it is colourful and you can also see that it is dewy. I applied the Glamstick to my lips 30 minutes prior to taking this photo and still hadn't dried up! The lasting power of Rodial's Glamstick isn't the best, but as it is so moisturising, it doesn't matter if you apply it more during the day. After using this product, I have actually found that my lips are somewhat smoother and I don't even need to apply any form of a lip balm to my lips before using it... Normally, when I apply lip products, I always choose to put on some lip balm to hydrate my lips, but it really isn't needed when you use the Glamstick.

FACE : Skin Tint in Medium by Rodial, Vita Lumiere Eclat Powder by Chanel, Hoola by Benefit, Blush Duo by YSL
EYES : Instaglam Eye Tint (Concealer) by Rodial, Mascara by Heroine Make, Scandal Eyes Kohl Liner by Rimmel
LIPS : Glamstick in Revenge by Rodial

You can see that the Glamstick has actually plumped up my lips, they look fuller than they usually are and it's all thanks to Rodial's Glamstick.

In the photo above I also used Rodial's Skin Tint and Rodial's Instaglam Eye Tint (or concealer). Which I will now review for you too!
Both of the next 2 products are quite pricey, but yet again, they are worth the money!

RODIAL Instaglam Skin Tint Hamptons in Medium - £45

This is simply a tinted moisturiser and I think it's one of the best I have ever tried. I could easily compare this to the Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturisers, they are both hydrating and have quite a good lasting power.

One good thing about this tinted moisturiser is that has quite a good coverage yet the consistency of the liquid isn't too thick nor too heavy. I get quite annoyed when a tinted moisturiser is too thick, because you're evidently NOT a moisturiser if you're as heavy as a full coverage foundation or a BB cream.

The Instaglam Skin Tint has SPF 30 which means by using this, your face is pretty much full protected from any sun damage, so yet again, another perfect product for the summer.

Rodial's products focus more on protecting the skin as they are experts in the skincare department, so if you are looking for a good skincare range, check out Rodial, I think their skincare lines are next on my agenda!

The Skin Tint has Hyaluronic Acid in, which helps to smoothen out or plump up fine lines and wrinkles on your face, the product itself is also extremely moisturising, so it doesn't even feel like you have make up on. The Skin Tint is so light that you can't feel it, but the coverage is amazing, so by using this along with the Instaglam Eye, you can cover up all those silly little blemishes on your face.

RODIAL Instaglam Eye Tint Aspen in Light - £29

I am not usually a concealer wearer, so I can't really compare this with any other brand's concealer, however, this definitely does the concealing job very well.

Yet again, this contains Hyaluronic Acid so it can help to hide those fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes. It hydrates, softens, smoothes and also corrects your skin tone. I'm all for products that help to even out the skin tone so this is perfect for me!

One thing I don't really like about this product is the price, although I know you should only really need the smallest amount of concealer every time you use it, it does look as though you are paying quite a hefty price for such a small item. Having said that, after using this, I look so much more wide awake, and I don't have what I call "morning face from hell"...

I chose the Instaglam Eye Tint in their lightest shade as I will only build colour with my face base and powders etc.

The consistency is quite runny, it a much lighter liquid than the skin tint but it still does a great job of covering up those eye bags and dark circles!

If you're thinking of investing some money on a brand you haven't tried before, I think you should try Rodial, they are expensive but you're paying a price for something that deserves it. It's a luxury brand, so if you really do want to treat yourself, I say, go for it!

Do take a look at their skincare lines too, they look super tempting and the people that have used it, loved it!


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  1. Great review. I think the GlamStick is quite great for having cocoa butter in it (which I totally love) and also having SPF 15.

  2. I'm not familiar with this brand but their products look lovely x

  3. Ooo, now I want to try out the Glamsticks. I'm always looking for coloured lip products that moisturise the lips.


  4. oooh that lipstick looks absolutely fabulous. I never wear any, they somehow sting on my lips, maybe the cocoa butter would help! Thanks for reviewing these items for us

  5. Your lips look gorgeous!!!! Must try these products.



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