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Say "HELLO" to Summer!

Finally, Summer is here, the weather has been on and off in the UK (no surprise there) but apparently we have a week of sun, heat waves and just general roasting sunny weather!

I'm all prepared for protecting my skin from the sun, are you?

I thought this post would be a good way to tell you what products I'm using this Summer (and what my 2 year old, Rico is using too!) I won't do full reviews on each product in this post but if you want to know more about a certain product, let me know and I'll do a full review in another post!

NIVEA SUN FOR KIDS - Moisturising Sun Spray
HAWAIIAN TROPIC - Protective Sun Spray Lotion (SPF 20)

NIVEA SUN FOR KIDS - Moisturising Sun Spray

A few weeks ago, Boots (my local drugstore) started their offers on sun care products, so I thought I better get my son a bottle of sun protection. Now that he's 2 years old, he's running around in the garden during the day. I must say, he'll only be out in the garden even more, now that he's received his birthday presents - a swing set and a 9ft slide!

This is the bottle of sun protection I chose for him, I actually thought I bought the factor 50 version, but I guess this is not the case! But it's ok, he comes and finds me every 10 minutes as he's scared I'll be running away and leaving him, so I can help him top up on protection!

According to the bottle, it's "very water resistant", so I guess it's perfect for those beach holidays! It comes in a spray bottle, which my son thinks is hilarious, so he doesn't mind when I put this on him.

I remember when my brother was younger, he constantly refused sun tan lotion because he hated the smell, he hated the texture and most of all... He hated those white marks it left on him. My brother used to use Nivea too, but I believe they have now changed their formula, so it's less smelly, it doesn't leave white streaks on him and the texture is more of a simple moisturiser, rather than the typical sun tan lotion.

This bottle of sun protection will now follow my son wherever he goes.


I realised that Rico only has shoe shoes, trainers, shoes he needs to wear socks with, so I found these cuties in Toys R Us! He has the most ridiculously sweaty feet, so we really don't want to have to smell his trainers when they're off his feet and lying around on the floor. Flip flops are definitely perfect for his summer!

They are from the baby/children range by Havaianas. They are pretty much the same as the adult ones, other than the strap at the back which help give support to babies/toddlers and of course, to help them keep them on their feet!

Rico's a massive fan of Mickey Mouse, so I couldn't help myself from buying them, but I am ever so glad I did. Another thumbs up with these flip flops are that, the sole has a little bit of a heel, because children need that support for their walking... They've only been walking for a few years or so, compared to us and our decades of walking! So, the(little) heel is a very good idea!



When I went shopping for Rico's sun protection, I needed to grab one for my face as well. I tend to use something different for the face because I find the formula of normal sun screens a little too sticky for my face. I have oily/combination skin, so extra oil is NOT going to be good for my face.

I've been quite in love with La Roche Posay recently, the brand's best seller, the Effaclar Duo + has been a treasure so I thought I would try their sunscreen.

I use this under my BB Cream/foundation, so it forms a base and gives that extra protection to my skin on my face. Normally my base make up will already have SPF in, especially my BB Creams, but it really is better to be safe than sorry.

I love this sun care product from La Roche Posay, it's a very creamy formula and feels like a smooth moisturiser when applied on the skin. It definitely does not leave white streaks and it doesn't have a "sun tan lotion smell" - I know you know what I mean!

It's non-perfumed & Paraben-free, so why not?

HAWAIIAN TROPIC - Protective Sun Spray Lotion (SPF 20)

If you haven't used Hawaiian Tropic before, I do recommend this one! I put it on my body before I went downstairs to the kitchen this afternoon and then stood around outside for a bit in the garden and it looks like I haven't caught the sun at all.

I am one of those people who get sunburnt quite easily, and if I don't get sunburn, I end up getting "Prickly Heat" also known as Milaria or heat rash. Apparently it's from clogged up pores in the body, mainly from heat or sweat. I only get this in the Summer, but it is so annoying because it looks like I have some incurable rash on my arm!

My doctor told me to try taking antihistamines before going out in the sun, just to try and prevent it from even appearing and of course applying a bit of sun tan lotion, but not too much because it may get into my pores and irritate my skin.

Back to this product, it's yet again a creamy moisturiser sort of texture and this one smells like... tropical fruits? A bit of a cocoa butter, some exotic fruits like pineapples and mangoes? I don't even know, I just know that it doesn't really smell like a cream at all!

So give it a try, this one's also in a spray bottle, because I just find them easier to use, they're more convenient when you're out and about.


As I said above, I sometimes suffer from heat rash, so if I do have it, these are 2 products that I will use to help soothe it. Obviously, I don't want to have to use these products, because I don't want some rash on my arms/legs!

HOPEFULLY I won't be using the after sun any time soon, but I always have to have a bottle somewhere in the house, just in case. The Hawaiian Tropic range was on a buy one get one free offer, so I bought this one to try, I've never used it before and I just hope it really does help soothe my skin!

The Avene Thermal Spring Water spray is a bit like Evian's Facial Spray, it is a compressed can water and it helps to soothe irritated skin and it also helps to lock in moisture in your skin! I have to use this if I ever get heat rash on my face, I rarely do, there's only been once and that was last month! I seriously would have died without this spray, it made everything less itchy and soothed the sun burn straight away.


SPF is obviously important for those times you are in the sun, but you need to remember to STAY HYDRATED!

Vita Coco actually sent these to me so I could try them and trust me, these are a necessity for the summer.

I've been a Vita Coco fan for quite a while now and I remember when I tried my first ever bottle, I was so attached to it, I sent my husband to get crates and crates for me! After trying the original I then ventured out to try their different flavours - one my favourites is the Acai & Pomegranate!

When I first saw a photo of this lemonade, actually, it happened to be on the official Vita Coco's twitter account, because they uploaded a photo of one telling you that you HAVE to have this drink this summer... I was so jealous, I just wish I was in the Vita Coco office, then I could just drink all their drinks!

I was so happy to receive these in the post this morning, so thank you so much Vita Coco for such a great love package! I am most definitely feeling the love.

They're in the fridge right now so I'll be able to have one... or two... or more when the sun is out tomorrow.


Get your SPF on.
Get hydrated.
Enjoy the sun!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I was going to get that spring water for you to try but looks like I'll have to find something else now :P. It's a very nice refreshing product, so I'll definitely be taking it to Morocco with me! AND OH MY LAWDD those Vita Coco Lemonades...I MUST TRY SOME!!

    P.s, those Micky Mouse slippers are so cute!!


  2. !!!!! Yukimi, I totally need to get ready for summer weather >////< It's already here, but I'm really bad about getting sunscreen because I always hated the smell and sticky texture. I've also got SUPER oily skin and I hate putting sunscreen on my face :< But I really need it otherwise I can't enjoy the outdoors. I also burn extremely easily and then the lines will stay for so so so long.

    It must be such a blessing to have such a cute toddler running around!! Rico is so lucky to have that swing set in the backyard!! I always wanted something like that as a kid :3

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽


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