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This has to be one of the most exciting posts in my personal opinion.
First of all, I’d like to thank Me and Zena for this amazing opportunity and I love your products!

Yes, this post is sponsored as Zena, the founder of the company offered to send me these products in exchange for a bit of promotion etc. However, she’s different to other companies, other companies just send you products from their brand and expect you to write about them, whether it be in your personal opinion, you still feel that little bit obliged to help them promote in the best way that you can.

Why is Me and Zena different then, you ask… One simple answer, she treats you as a friend, and not just a promoter.

Zena asked me to choose a few items from the Me and Zena website and she’d be willing to gift them to me. I really liked the ideas of the birthstone rings which are available for every month of the year of course, and she asked me which month I was born in. She then did her own little research and found out I had a son, so she asked when his birthday was etc. Zena then realized that Rico (my son) is actually 2 today, so she wanted to mark this milestone in my life and celebrate the fact that I’ve now been a mother for pretty much 3 years (including pregnancy) and of course, its exactly 2 years today that I gave birth to Rico.

So this month is June, she picked out the gorgeous June birthstone (pearl) ring for me and also a little teddy bear ring as it is truly significant and obviously associates with childhood. This point actually melted my heart and I got a little emotional!

Now, this is exactly why I don’t feel like I’m being pushed to promote her brand because I like her personality, just these little details that she has gone into has already sold her product to me. She’s not just sitting around telling people to write good things about her products.

Onto the items that I received:

Both of these sets of rings are actually midi rings, I actually don’t like midi rings because I feel that they get in the way. Now that I’m a mother, I need jewellery to stay on my body, not fall off. If I were to wear midi rings, I can tell you that Rico would definitely knock them off my fingers. Conveniently, my little finger is JUST right to fit the rings on as normal, which is absolutely perfect! So I can wear them as normal rings.

I am actually a person who loves simple jewellery, rings can be as small and simple and I’d be happy, necklaces and bracelets can be super thin and have the smallest of details on. So the birthstone ring is perfect for me, it’s just a very thin band with a tiny little pearl! I am so in love with it.

The teddy ring has a dangling teddy charm on the band, and it is ridiculously cute! It’s not very me, as I said, anything that’s easy for Rico to destroy does not fit my liking, having said that, I can wear it when he’s less interested in breaking things though!

Enough about how cute the products are, because you can see for yourselves from the photos! Now, to ramble on about how cute the packaging is. When I received the package in the post, I was already so excited and finding the actual packaging for each individual ring, I think I almost died.

The rings come in a black and silver dustbag, then a colourful plastic box. The box is actually a bit transparent on the front (I’d like to say the front – but it could well be the back) and obviously you can see the dustbag through the box. The logo for Me and Zena looks like a lock on a heart? Or a heart lock, or something like that, and its just so cute! It looks a little cartoon like on the box and on the dustbag it’s a simple Z inside the heart, Z for Zena.

I really like Me and Zena’s designs and after visiting the website a couple more times, I found out that the products are actually stocked on ASOS, NASTYGAL, THE SAATCHI GALLERY and many more! When I get sponsored to do a post and get sent products from brands, I always think they are going to be super small brands that no one knows because my blog really isn’t THAT well known. BUT, Me and Zena is actually quite famous, on the website (under the Celebrities heading) you can see for yourself that celebrities such as : Cara Delevigne, Rihanna, Suki Waterhouse, Ellie Goulding and Fearne Cotton just to name a few, have been spotted wearing Me & Zena’s jewellery!

Zena herself graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with an Illustration Degree in 2004 and eventually went onto creating her first piece of jewellery and now she has made a name for her own brand. So please support her and her brand by visiting the official website, and maybe make a purchase of your own! I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Thank you again Zena, I’ve found my favourite little rings now!

I also featured these rings in my latest vlog, so make sure you check it out!!!



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  1. I never think to wear rings, yet they look so good, I should make a bit more of an effort.

  2. I love rings like this as you can mix and match/stack them beautifully depending on your outfit ... and they don'y overpower either

  3. These rings look so cute and they sound really good too. Also, happy belated birthday to Rico! :) x


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