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I am so happy to announce that I will be starting a "MASK SERIES" on JYUKIMI.COM.

I will be posting over a period of time about masks, facial masks of all different kinds, whether it be a hydration mask, clay mask, mud mask, gel mask or even just sheet masks. I wanted to do this for quite a while but I had to try all the masks for a few months in order to be true to you as a reader.

Before I start our Mask Series journey, I do need to tell you that, although these masks may work for me, they may not be suitable for you. Before you start splashing out and buying these masks (which I would love you to do because I love it when you listen to my recommendations) you need to remember to try them first, I know most stores will offer a small sample, so you can take it away and try it before you buy it. I strongly recommend you try the smallest of bits on your hand or arm just to see if your skin reacts to the mask itself.

Enough of all the boring warnings, let's get started!

£10 @ The Body Shop

This is the first mask of the series and I know it is very accessible as it is available at The Body Shop. It is also an affordable clay mask, at £10 a tub it is very worth the money. I actually bought this tub at The Body Shop in one of those factory outlet villages, it cost me around £7, so I grabbed myself a little bargain!

The main purpose of this mask is that it cleanses, hence the name "Deep Cleansing Mask". It really gets deep into those pores (no matter how big or small they are) and also gets rid of that layer of dead skin. There are so many reviews on this mask out there and people have said it has helped to purify their skin, help them get rid of the excess flakiness and dryness of their skin, which means this mask really does live up to it's name and purpose.

So it's a 3-In-1? What are the 3?


When I first started using this mask, I fell in love with the scent, I really can't describe the smell but it is so soothing and doesn't smell like grass... I have found some clay masks do. I hate using products which have a weird smell because my nose is quite sensitive and starts to itch when I don't like the scent, but you know The Body Shop products always seem to have a great scent.

Upon opening the tub itself, the product is like a lumpy paste, it's got a bit of a sandy texture which helps to exfoliate the face when you wash the product off. The clay itself is quite thick, but you're supposed to apply it to wet skin as it isn't very creamy, so the water helps to smoothen it out as you apply it onto your face.

You know what, the colour of the mask actually reminds me a little of black sesame ice cream, which is also a favourite of mine, so maybe that was what caught my attention?

There is no right or wrong amount of how much you apply, it really depends on where you're going to apply it. Facial masks can be used on the face and the neck, so you can happily use a generous amount all over your face (avoiding the eye area) and neck or you can simply apply it to the T-Zone. This mask helps to de-oil your face, so targeting the T-Zone would make sense.

I use this mask around once a week, on a day I don't use any exfoliator nor the Clarisonic as the mask can do almost the same job and we don't want to be over-exfoliating the face.

Teint Idole Ultra 24hr Foundation by LANCÔME
Ambient Lighting Palette in Radiant by HOURGLASS
Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil by CHANEL
Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara by HEROINE MAKE
Colour Chameleon in Champagne Diamonds by CHARLOTTE TILBURY
The Lip Balm by CRÈME DE LA MER

First of all, I have to take off all this make up, I use the Bi-Facil Make Up Remover by Lancôme and Eau Micellair Douceur by Lancôme. I don't tend to do a throrough cleanse when I use the Body Shop mask, as I said before the mask can do that for me.

And for those of you who are curious, this is what I look like after taking my make up off. This is my attempt at a #nomakeupselfie...

After that, it's time to apply the mask onto the face.
This time, I chose to cover my entire face and neck, just to show you what it should look like on the face. I decided to use a very generous layer so you can barely see any skin through the clay itself.

Excuse the fact I have got some on my hair and my eyebrows, oh, and apparently some on my lip too... But that obviously won't affect how the mask works.

I normally apply the mask on the T-Zone and under eye area first by using my index and middle fingers on both hands. Always try to apply clay masks in an upwards motion because they start to harden a little afterwards and they tighten which help to lift the skin whilst you have the mask on.

The Blue Corn mask should be left on the face for around 10-15 minutes and as I haven't cleansed since the morning and apparently it is now almost 1am the next day, I think 15 minutes is definitely needed.

So the timer's set and I have to sit around and wait for 15 minutes.
Once the time is up, all you need to do now is remove the mask. Remember I told you this mask helps to cleanse and exfoliate the face? Well, now is the time to do so, apply some warm-ish water to your face (with the mask on, of course) and gently massage the creamy texture around your face. I focus on the T-Zone so it can help me get rid of some excess oil and of course those nasty blackheads at the end of my nose, and in gentle circular motions on my cheeks. Remember not to rub it too hard otherwise you'll end up with a red face and that's not a good look, nor a good feel!

The neck is a harder part to get rid of, especially if you are clothed, so I normally take a wet muslin cloth and gently exfoliate my neck whilst wiping away the mask.

After all of that, my face is nice and clean, it also feels moisturised as the product itself does help to moisturise. But I don't stop there... Now my pores are clean, no flaky dry skin, no make up, nothing, just completely bare faced, I then go onto my skincare routine to ensure my face is fully moisturised.
First, I apply eye serum and eye cream, then a face serum and moisturiser to finish that off.

That is how the Blue Corn 3-In-1 Deep Cleansing Mask works.
I am so happy with the results, after using this, my face feels so smooth and less oily.

So, if you want to try it for yourself, head to The Body Shop or go to their website and get one for yourselves!

£10 @ The Body Shop

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