AURA LDN - Brand Launch 10/10

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It's time for some BLING.

I love a bit of a sparkle and I know most women secretly do. Whether it be sequins, glitter... or just the good old diamond, we like our bling.

AURA LDN is an online boutique selling unique items of jewellery each boasting an incredible amount of detail...

What I'm about to show you is almost TOP SECRET... It's being launched tomorrow (10th October 2014) on the AURA LDN WEBSITE, so you are very, very, very lucky to be able to see this all now!

The above piece has got to be one of my favourites... It really intrigues me! But I wouldn't be able to wear it, as it doesn't look too toddler friendly, I wouldn't assume those spikes would end up hurting my 2 year old son, but I know I will end up in A&E with a spike in my eye....

Each and every item in their collection is named after a place in London, how about you guess what their names are... Don't worry, I'll reveal the names to you all very soon! Each signature piece helps to express your individuality, whether you match it with a Va Va Voom outfit, or just a basic outfit, these pieces will help you stand out from the crowd.

I wear a lot of black, because it is just easy for me, I don't need to think what colour top I'm going to wear, or what colour trousers/leggings etc, I just throw on a black top, black leggings, black shoes, black bag, black cardigan... etc... etc.... etc and I'm good to go, so I'm glad I've dyed my hair red to give myself a pop of colour! With these AURA LDN pieces, I can continue to do the "all black everything" look and I can get away with it, because I'll no longer be boring!

There are so many different styles in this collection, the big fancy statement pieces and these 2 directly above which remind me of the Crown Jewels... Maybe this one's named Buckingham Palace? What's your guess?

I cannot wait for these to be launched, I cannot wait to get my hands on some, and I'm sure you are all itching to get your hands on some of these gorgeous necklaces too! Don't worry, they'll all be launched tomorrow, so get on the website bright and early and make your orders!

At the moment, AURA LDN are only shipping within the UK, but they will be expanding internationally very soon, so keep an eye out for that! You never know, maybe I'll be able to hold a giveaway for those of you that aren't in the UK! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Remember to check out AURA LDN's Website tomorrow to see the entire collection and of course, all the names to the necklaces shall be revealed!

Let me know which is your favourite piece and maybe take a guess at what the names are!

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  1. Ugh I love all of these necklaces! <3


  2. All these necklaces look amazing! I love statement necklaces, cannot wait to get myself one.
    I love how they are named after London landmarks, thats so cute!


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