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This store I'm about to tell you about stocks pretty much every single make up item, skincare and haircare product you would ever need.

I want to introduce you all to BLUSH BEAUTY BOX (all information of how you can find this store will be at the end of this post).

Blush Beauty Box started back in 2008 and I believe they originally started in Leicester, they then moved to a small store in Loughborough and finally relocated to where they are now. I have always driven past this shop but actually never went in. My husband always told me to go in a take a look as he knew they had a lot of choices for cosmetics and haircare, everything I would ever need! And, he was very right. We can't tell him that otherwise his head will get bigger than we could ever imagine....!

As soon as I walked into this family owned store in the centre of Loughborough, UK, I felt like I was in Hong Kong, in a store called Sasa. If you've ever been to Hong Kong or are from Hong Kong, you must be agreeing with me... If all the black was replaced with pink, that's pretty much Sasa, or maybe Bonjour...

So as you can see in the photo above, they seem to stock the "High Street" brands, Maybelline, Barry M and Rimmel.

So you're probably thinking, Jess, this isn't all that special, I can get these things at Boots and Superdrug or my local drugstore... But Blush Beauty Box seriously do stock a lot more. Yes, I have to admit the majority of the store is cosmetics, aisles of rows and rows os lipsticks, mascara, all different brands and shades of foundation... But let's take a closer look at what other brands they provide us as a shopper with.

Ok, Sleek make up, another brand I can find in my local Superdrug, I know not all Superdrugs will stock this, I'm not sure about yours, Nottingham has it though. I haven't even checked if Loughborough's Superdrug stocks it, but it doesn't matter because Blush Beauty Box isn't that far from Superdrug anyway.

In the skincare and haircare section of the shop, it has an entire wall filled with Burt's Bees products, there is so much I didn't even know Burt's Bees had this many products! I only knew about their balms, lipsticks and hand creams, but I had no idea they had such a wide selection.

One of my favourites and I'm sure if this isn't yet one of your favourites, it will become one very soon. The Balm Cosmetics range. This is displayed on a stand which I do find a lot easier to browse through. I love their packaging and can't wait to try out some of their eyeshadows and lip products!

I was so shocked to see that they stocked the Kardashian Beauty collection, the range looks absolutely gorgeous!

Finally the whole right hand side wall was filled with every nail polish brand and shade I could think of. From Models Own to OPI, from OPI to Essie, from Essie to Zoya, from Zoya to Leighton Denny, from Leighton Denny to China Glaze... I'm sure you get my drift. I was looking at the wall and thinking, if only my nail polish collection could be like this. Imagine me installing a wall full of nail polishes at home, I can only dream.

The store also stocks a wide selection of perfumes for women, fragrances and aftershaves for men. A cabinet filled with GHD stylers, skincare from GlamGlow, Décleor and some high street brands like L'Oréal.

I didn't want to leave the shop, it was literally my heaven. I was so lost inside, not physically but slowly mentally and emotionally! I was screaming like a little girl inside, all I could see was this and that and it made me feel like it was Christmas day!

One thing I noticed about some of the products was the price. They seemed quite a bit cheaper than the usual stores I would purchase them from. The OPI nail polishes are £7.50 in store, the Glam Glow masks were around £40-£49.50!

Here's a quick promo video so you can take a closer look at the inside of the store.

If you're from around the area, make sure you go and check out BLUSH BEAUTY BOX, I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed.

If it is harder for you to get to Loughborough just to visit this cosmetic, skincare and haircare heaven, don't worry, they offer their wide selection of brands and products all on their online store. So go and take a look and get spending!!!!


Find out how I got on in BLUSH BEAUTY BOX in my latest VLOG :

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