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I want to say that I'm a "Domestic Goddess", but I really am not and that's the truth. I only organise things I want to organise and if it gets messy, we have to wait for a "good mood day" until I tidy it all up again.

This morning, it was a gloomy day outside, actually, it still is. "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down", so I obviously did not leave the house and decided it was time to rearrange my nail polishes.

Normally I have them in a plastic drawer in my bathroom, but I realised they just took up too much space, I had a whole drawer of them! So I decided to move them into this shoe-pocket-hanging-on-door thing. First I poured out all the different coloured polishes onto the floor, then arranged them by their colours and kind of by popularity, by popularity, I mean the ones I use the most etc.

The shoe-pocket-hanging-on-door thing is actually from Ikea, it cost under £5.
I don't think it is available at IKEA any longer (I'm not sure on this) however, it is available on eBay and of course, some different alternatives. If you would prefer a transparent one, try searching : 
"Hanging Storage Pockets Transparent", or something along the lines of that.

IKEA Krubb 24 Wall Pockets Over Door Hanging Storage

Here are all the polishes I ended up with and I'm going to show you row by row, so you can take a closer look at what I have left.

I've always been a nail polish fanatic and I change my nails according to my mood, outfit, occasion etc, I guess I'm not the only one, but I feel like I use my nail polishes like there is literally no tomorrow.


So right at the top, I settled with the least used colours, well, originally it was only going to be blue and black to be honest, but I had nowhere else to put my gold glitters and silver glitters, so they're just sitting there for the time being.

The top of this hanging storage is kind of out of sight, I'll remember that they are there, but when it comes to picking the colours, I would either need to stand on a stool to see them, or even better, pull out one by one.

(If there's any specific colour you see that you like, let me know and I can do a review on them etc)


The second row is pretty empty at the moment. Corals, yellows (which I rarely ever use), greys and browns. I did originally want to arrange all the colours in more of a rainbow formation, but with the next 2 rows, you'll realise why it is pretty impossible for me to do so.


This row is definitely the one I use the most, so these are at eye level, they're the easiest ones to see and probably one of the easiest rows to access. I actually didn't realise until today that I have so many of these colours! Not only that, some are actually missing too... and I may have threw out a few as well. Shocking, I know.


It must be so obvious to you which are my favourite colours by now, I have so many reds but I hardly ever wear them, because my husband doesn't like it when women wear it on their nails (because of these ghostly Chinese horror movies, blah blah blah). But, as you can see, it doesn't stop me from owning them. However, I do prefer the Pillar Box reds to a blood red for example. It was hard to sort out the Hot Pinks because... they're all quite different, yet not very different, so I split them randomly, so when I do go and find a pink, it's like a lucky dip for me.


This row is barely filled which is actually an advantage because these pockets are nearer to the bottom of the storage, so it won't weigh it down so much as it is only hanging on a few small hooks (which I'll show you later).

I'm missing quite a few from the burgundy section as they have a home in a few of my make up bags, in case I forget to do my nails. I always keep some nail polishes in my make up bags and they always seem to be burgundy because in my opinion, they are suitable for any occasion.


This is the last and final row and it consists of tools, cuticle oil, nail polish remover, buffers, emery boards, nail files and all my top coats. So you could kind of say this row is the miscellaneous row.

So those are all close-ups of all the rows but let's go on to see how I actually use this storage as of course, I don't leave the thing lying around on the floor with all the polishes sitting on top of it. However much I'd love to do that, it's really not going to happen.

I keep the storage hanging on the back of my ensuite bathroom door, so it is out of the way and it doesn't take up as much space as a whole drawer for them.

What I do like about this specific storage is that it is white and not transparent. I would hate to be reminded of the money spent on all these polishes. Even if around half of them are samples sent to me, I still don't understand why I bought the other half. So this storage being white means that I can sit on the toilet in peace, I can brush my toilet in more peace and have a shower in more, more peace.

The hanging storage actually came with over-the-door hooks, but I tried putting them on the top of the door and the door wouldn't close, so thank god I had these tiny little 3M hooks which I could stick nearer to the top of the door. The actual storage pretty much fills up the whole of the back door, obviously I hung it nearer to the top otherwise it'd drag along on the floor and become a broom or something.

COMMAND 3M Damage-Free Small Wire Hooks

These 3 hooks I have used are damage-free, they are simply tiny hooks with an adhesive on the back. The adhesive is very strong because it has been able to hold all my polishes, but when you take them off, they don't leave a mark, nor do they rip off the paint off your walls or your door etc. I originally bought them to hang my keys on, but I'm glad I've found a better use for them.

You could most probably get these from any home store, or even your local big superstore, if you can't find them, click here and I will take you directly to their website.

To release these hooks, apparently all I have to do is pull down that little tab (where it says 3M with the arrow) and it should just slowly slide off. (Obviously if you have something hanging on the hook, take it off first otherwise you may injure yourself or break something.)

So that is how I store my nail polishes now, you might be wondering why I bothered to do this today, it was mainly because I thought I just need that drawer emptied so it can be used for something else. That something else is face masks, but I haven't yet arranged it, so we'll see what masks I put in there another day.

I hope you like the way I store my nail polishes and remember to let me know how you store yours, I love seeing other people's little home ideas!

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  1. I like this! I don't have nearly as many nail polishes as you but I really love the storage idea :)


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