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You all know already that I love my black wardrobe, black top, black cardigan, black leggings, black shoes and a DARING pop of colour with a non-black handbag. So daring of me.

Today, I want to share with you a casual monochrome outfit that's fit for some occasions, it's not your usual date night outfit, or not mine at least.

So today's pieces for this outfit are white and black, they're easy colours to match and of course the contrast really does stand out.

Let's start from bottom to top because the shoes are the most unusual piece in my wardrobe!

JORCA Block Heel Cleated Sole Platform Shoes (White Leather Style)

I never thought I would ever own a pair of cleated block heels because I never thought they would ever suit me and still up until now, I still don't think I really do suit them. However, I wore this exact same pair of shoes to Bloggers Fashion Week and I received so many compliments on them, that's when I felt more in love with them.

Cleated Soled shoes have been in fashion in quite a while and every time I see them on display in shops, I do take a look but I never thought they'd be for me! So I have to thank SPYLOVEBUY for making me try something new, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and into a new comfort zone that is the cleated soled shoe!

I'm wearing a UK size 4 in the photo above and you can tell by the angle of my foot, it does not look like I'm straining myself wearing them. The heels are pretty high, I say pretty high, they're high, the heel itself is 5.5inches but with the 1.5inch platform, that's where your stabiliser is. I haven't yet fallen or tripped over in these and surprisingly, they are very comfortable. They aren't too heavy which is a bonus as the shoe itself is so big...

One thing I don't like about them is the material, they're made out of a synthetic leather material which makes it crease quite easily, when you store them, you have to pretty much stuff them up with paper to keep them in shape. Maybe it's time I invest in some of those shoe shaper things that the shops have.

You can get these exact heels in black and also a snake print version too at SPYLOVEBUY.COM.

Panelled Satin Bomber Jacket

It was so hard for me to pair the shoes up to an outfit, I felt so old-fashioned and thought the shoes were too "chic" for me. But here goes, I wore a long camisole vest from George @ Asda and this satin black and white bomber jacket from Topshop. I've been eyeing up this jacket from Topshop for a long time now, but it just seemed so expensive when it was at full price.

With this jacket, it seems silly, but I bought a size 8... I am most definitely NOT a size 8 but I think it looks a lot better when it is short and fitted. As it is a bomber jacket of course it's going to be a little baggy around the under arm area and the area around the breasts. So if I were to go for a size 10/12 I think it would have looked very unflattering. So weirdly enough, I tried on the size 8 when I was in store and found it fit, and it even zipped up, so that was perfect.

I love the satin feel, I love all things satin, it is such a soft touch. Normally, I would associate satin with ball gowns, duvet sets and lingerie... All of which are sexy and elegant in my opinion, this bomber jacket didn't make me feel "sexy" of course, but I am SO glad I own this little number now.

A little piece of advice? The jacket is not waterproof, it's a little wind proof and can keep you warm but it isn't a winter coat, it's kind of suitable for Autumn and Spring but in the UK, we have this thing called rain, so try and avoid the rain if you are wearing it...

Don't worry, I didn't just wear the camisole and brave the cold. It was super windy today, so I had to wrap my legs up and this is what I wore. They're just cheap leggings from ebay, I assume from China and I believe the cost around 99p or something crazy like that.

Hopefully soon I'll show you a photo or two with me wearing the SPYLOVEBUY heels without leggings, let's just hope the UK weather gets better soon!

I hope you liked this outfit and let me know what you wear with your cleated soles!

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