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If you've been on my Instagram today you will have probably already seen this post...

I have always disliked the colour green when it comes to fashion, makeup.. or hair? But mainly on myself, I just find I don't suit the colour green... But I do have a soft spot for Green Juice, no matter what the ingredients are to be honest (BAR bananas, I loathe bananas and haven't eaten one since.... around 15 years ago?).

If you've watched my VLOGs, you'll know I sometimes make fresh juice at home, whether it be chopped up fruit and vegetables in my juicer, or just squeezing oranges and grapefruits in my citrus juice maker. However, there are many days where I am just far too lazy to make it myself and I would like to be able to just buy a bottle, drink it all up and not bother about having to wash up and pack away.

I spent the day in Nottingham City Centre with my cousin and originally we were planning on going to grab a drink at BOOST (Boost is a juice bar where you can pick what you would like in your juice - or you just pick off their menu). BUT... Sadly, we forgot to get one and we were already too far away from the juice bar itself. So, we decided to pop into Prêt à Manger and see if they had any drinks that appealed to our appetite....

Thank god we did go into Pret because I was SO happy when I saw these two drinks.

I love grabbing cold pressed juices like this because it gives me inspiration on what to put in my own homemade juices! I never thought of adding avocado into a fresh juice - I must try that for myself at home one day!

Both the juices are green... very green... It is purely a juice, there are no "bits" inside and it doesn't leave this nasty residue at the bottom of the bottle upon finishing the drink. I can't tell you which I prefer because they both have quite distinctive tastes.

Overall, I was impressed with these juices, and I can't wait to have them again. However, at £3.49 a bottle, I think I'd prefer making them myself at home, even if it is a HUGE hassle. I believe these juices were actually introduced to Pret at the beginning of this year, and what great way to start 2014.
Green juices or "Salad in a Cup" have been a huge hit this year and I don't think this hit will stop!

If you want to try these drinks for yourselves, just head over to your nearest Prêt à Manger and make sure you let me know how you get on with them!

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