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Day One of Bloggers Love Hub was yet again another amazing event hosted by Bloggers Love.

The general idea of the Bloggers Hub is so that bloggers of all different types of blogs, whether it be fashion, beauty or lifestyle could just come together and have a chit chat over some cupcakes and drinks.

In the corner of the venue, there was a bloggers café (see photo above), this was where bloggers could sit down and actually get to work on their blogs or of course, just talk to each other and exchange blog URLs and twitter pages etc. There was a little cocktail glass full of different coloured nail polishes and the polaroid camera which proved very popular on the night.

1 Dover Street

The Hub was set up at a nightclub in Mayfair called MAHIKI, the club itself had a very tropical and exotic theme. It is located diagonally opposite the Ritz and as soon as I walked into the venue, all I could smell was the sweet smell of coconuts. I know that sounds so cheesy, but seriously, you can't help but smell that gorgeous scent.

There were totem poles and carvings around the whole room which gave us an "authentic" feel of the land of Tiki... I actually really liked it, it was very different from the flashy clubs I've been to in London.

You'll have to excuse the quality of some of the photos that I took on the night as the lighting in the venue itself was not so great, as it is a club, it obviously caters for the more night time and "romantic" feel, most of our cameras just didn't respond to it. Having said that, the Official VLOG footage looks amazing, so I can't wait to share that with you.


In the photo above, I'm with a beautiful girl called Shivon, she's also a beauty blogger and she has the most mesmerising eyes I have ever seen, ever. I never fail to tell her that, repeatedly.

We actually planned to meet when we got to the venue, but as I arrived a little earlier, I thought I'd set up and just wait for her to arrive.

We were both VIBs (Very Important Blogger) for the event, which meant we had a front row seat for the fashion show later on at the event and we had a VIB Goodie Bag. Luckily, our seats were right next to each other, so we pretty much spent the entire evening together.

CUPCAKES by Miss Cupcakes

In front of the front row seats was a ledge filled with cutie little cupcakes, I was told they were very delicious, but straight after I took this photo, people had already taken them all.

The cupcakes were supplied by Miss Cupcakes, so if you're in need for some cupcakes for a birthday or a wedding - order them here.

It's a shame I didn't get to try one this time, hopefully there'll be more at the next Hub?

I couldn't help but head over to the bar and grab a "Bloggertini", a much needed one, in fact, as the travelling all got to me. So I headed over to order a "Coconut Grenade", which was served in a coconut... I kind of like that idea, but wow, mine was very alcoholic, so if you're someone who wants a sweet tasting cocktail, this one really isn't for you. However Shivon ordered a "Monkey Brain", to be honest, we had no idea what she was expecting... Let me just show you first then I'll explain a little more...

LEFT : Coconut Grenade
RIGHT : Monkey Brain

The "Monkey Brain" was shocking, the size of it, it was massive. Don't worry, Shivon did not carry around that massive brick around the room, the glass ended up being just larger than a rock glass filled with the sweetest tasting, fruity cocktail. It's definitely worth a try.


One thing I was definitely not expecting from the event was to meet the beautiful Leanne Lim-Walker. I have always loved her YouTube videos and in a way, never dreamt of meeting her! Yet, I did... by chance! No one even knew that she would be there on the night! One thing, I really can't believe she is half-Chinese! I still can't see it.

She is as beautiful in person as she is in her photos and YouTube videos, it was an honour to meet her, she is such a genuine person!

I think it's about time I introduce you to a few of the brands that were there on the night, there were mainly accessories brands showcasing their jewellery on the night and here are a few of them.


My attention was very much captured by this brand, GLOWBEADS, I was actually very intrigued as to why they had such a name. I loved all the colours, but I really wanted to find out why the word "glow" was used, initially I thought they'd glow in the dark or something, I bet I wasn't the only one.

I sat down with the designer herself and interviewed her for the Official VLOG, so her more detailed answer will be in the Official VLOG for Day One, I asked her what her initial inspiration was etc and she told me that these beads are very special, they glow like a glisten, like a sparkle as they are actually made from the same material as the cats' eyes in the road! You will be able to find out more about them in the Official VLOG, so make sure you watch out for that!

Each and every single bracelet and necklace is made by hand by the designer herself, I would never have that kind of patience. Every item was so beautiful and they looked ever so precious, I was very grateful I could take one home for myself and I cannot wait to pair my bracelet up with an outfit!

Steam Chains was another jewellery brand at the event, they offer bespoke jewellery which are of course, customisable. I loved their items as they all looked so individual.

The designer was wearing an item which had charms with engraved names on and I think that would be the perfect gift for Mothers' Day or an anniversary...

Madame La La would most probably be everyone's best friend, I'm sure they were  pretty much the most popular brand on the night as I found there seemed to be a lot of Self-Tan fans in the building. I have to say, I rarely use self-tan or tanning products as I hardly bare much skin, I'm not out in the sun much and, it is actually quite hard to find a tanning product that doesn't make me look odd. I have quite fair skin and I find it very weird when I am tanned, let alone orange.

Madame La La is actually quite a well-known tanning brand, they have been featured in Vogue magazine and their products are actually very accessible as they are stocked on their online store and on FEELUNIQUE.COM and LOOKFANTASTIC.COM.

Madame La La's self-tan is a moisturising tanning mousse as it is filled with ingredients such as Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E, which make sure to lock in the moisture your skin most rightfully needs.

So that is a closer look at some of the brands that were there on the day, I will be introducing you to some more as we go along and we'll be able to take a more detailed look at some of the products I took away with me.

I actually made a great discovery at the event, remember I told you about the Bloggers Café? Remember I told you about the nail varnishes in the cocktail glass? I actually had a little browse through the colours and found that the name of the brand was "Jess"...

When I was on the train on the way back home after the event, I went to search on the internet about this brand "Jess", you know what, you're going to be as shocked as me. These nail polishes are actually a brand sold at Poundland. I read a few reviews online and apparently these polishes actually match up to the same quality as polishes which are priced at £8... I was shocked, surprised and excited, does this mean we can all swap our expensive nail polishes to £1 polishes?

I now have the pink one and I'm going to give it a go, hopefully, well, if it is good, I will share a full review with you and help you save some money!

That concludes Day One of #BloggersLoveHub, a successful event and a great venue to catch up with friends (other than the lighting).

If you want to join in at the Hub, make sure you head over to Bloggers Love's website and register your interest!


If you're heading over to the rest of the dates for the Hub, let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @JYUKIMI

If you want the chance to appear in the Bloggers Love Official Vlogs make sure you contact me and we'll arrange something (brands or bloggers welcome).


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