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Let's welcome in those chilly Winter nights, if you're like me, there'll be days where you just don't want to leave your bed, let alone your house! I love Winter because it's the time I can sit down and get snuggly.

These are my TOP must haves for Winter, a pair of fur slippers, a hydration mask and gift guides for Christmas shopping inspiration. I get these out when I want a break from my laptop, I hate staring at the screen for too long and just want to relax, so this is pretty much what I end up doing.

If you haven't yet come across the brand BEDROOM ATHLETICS, it's not too late to do so. All I can really say about their slippers is that they are a cheaper alternative to UGG's slippers, the same kind of quality without the hefty price tag. (In my personal opinion, these slippers are more attractive than UGG's ones, but they make my feet look a lot smaller).

I'm a UK Size 4 shoe, so I went with a size 3-4 in the MOLLY slippers as I know with past experience, slippers don't always tend to stay in shape. I was actually given the choice to choose any pair from the Bedroom Athletics range and as I was looking at the UGG Scuffette II Luster pair, I settled for the MOLLY by Bedroom Athletics.

The MOLLY actually comes in 5 different colours : Chocolate, Grey, Coral, Chestnut & Grape, all the colours are suitable for a person of any age, although the MOLLY is made for women, men can still get away with it and in my opinion as they are so comfy, both men and women should get them! I couldn't choose which colour to have, I kind of wanted a brown, then I wanted this purple, the coral stood out a lot, I was so stuck for choice, so I said they could pick for me at random, and to be honest, I'm glad they picked this purple, I think it suits me a bit better.

So onto the slipper itself, it is very true to size and you are definitely paying for the quality. The MOLLY is being sold at £40 at the moment which I think is worth it, especially if you had your mind on UGGs for example. Of course, yes you can go to Primark and probably get around 6 pairs for the price of just one pair of MOLLY's, which I can't deny myself doing normally. However, I've always wanted a pair of mule slippers and I am now a proud owner of a pair myself.

If you're a fan of the Channel 4 show : GOGGLEBOX then you would have seen BEDROOM ATHLETICS' slippers before, Scarlett Moffatt is a BIG fan of them!

I love the idea of fur slippers because I always wear shorts around the house, whatever the weather, so these babies will sure keep my feet warm!

If you want a pair of slippers of your own, be sure to check out BEDROOM ATHLETICS, they have lots of different colours and types for you to choose from!


 Now I know you're probably wondering why on earth a cleanser is one of must-haves for Winter, "I thought you said a hydration mask?"... I can answer that question so easily because this is the main reason why this RODIAL STEMCELL CLEANSER has also become a staple item within my skincare collection.

The STEMCELL SUPER-FOOD CLEANSER is not only a cleanser, it has the same properties as a mask so you can use it as a mask. To use it as a mask, you apply a generous layer of the creamy solution onto your face and leave it to work its magic for about 15 minutes. As a cleanser, I can only really compare this to Eve Lom's Cleanser, although this one is not a balm, it works just as well, if not better. So, yes, a cleanser's job is to clean your face but both the Eve Lom and Rodial cleansers help to improve the overall look of your skin, they actually make you look awake!

The Rodial cleanser smells like roses, a really fresh scent which you really can't get bored of. It comes with a muslin cloth and it works a treat. I will be doing a full review of this mask to fit in with my blog's mask series, but for now, let me tell you that my skin has improved a lot since I have been using this.

Why do I need a hydration mask in my Winter must-haves? The only answer is that... The winter wind hits my face and leaves my skin dry, it's a nightmare. My skin doesn't do too well in the cold as it chaps, just like my lips, and as my face is never covered up when I'm out, there's not much I can do about it, other than apply a mask and make sure I apply moisturiser to lock in that moisture! So that is why I have to have a hydration mask in my must-haves, to be honest, I think this fall/winter, my skin has been a lot better than any other year, probably thanks to the STEMCELL Cleanser (mask).

Last of all, I mentioned that in my snuggly winter nights, I need gift guides. I have a whole stack of them : Space NK, Debenhams, John Lewis, Asda & Tesco, these are the ones I am looking through at the moment and I'm jotting down what to get or what I plan to get for those I need to buy for. Mind you, most of the pages that are marked are children's toys, no guesses as to who those might be for.

I love online shopping, I love real shop shopping, but sometimes I find I end up impulse buying (and regretting), so I prefer sitting down with some gift guides and actually decide what I MAY want to get rather than just pressing on the "checkout" button with 1,000 items in my shopping basket...

So this is how I survive through the snuggly winter nights, rainy days and days where I just don't want to go anywhere or see anyone.

Let me know how you plan to Christmas shop this year, or have you already bought presents for your loved ones?

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