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How long have I not shared an Outfit of the Day post?
Do you miss them?

Now the main feature of today's outfit is an item from Warehouse... I don't remember the last time I shopped at Warehouse, but I'm guessing it was around 5 years ago?

We have a Warehouse store in my local city centre and one in the Debenhams store too, but I never seem to get round to going in either of them lately. So it is actually quite different when adding an item from the Warehouse collection into my wardrobe again.

One thing I really haven't had in my wardrobe in a long time, maybe since the 2nd year of high school is a Parka Coat. I've actually wanted one for the last couple of years or so, but I can't find one which is warm enough, or the fitting doesn't look so great, or maybe the colour just does not suit me... So Warehouse's Parka Coat was PERFECT, it is black, it has a bit of fur on the big hood and it keeps me warm in this Winter weather!

The one thing I really love about this coat is most definitely the fur hood. I am a HUGE fan of fur for the winter, not necessarily fur coats, but maybe a fur scarf, fur on the gloves or fur on the boots, just for added extra warmth.

The hood on this coat is large, and when I say large, I mean large... If I were to pull it as far over my head as I could, it pretty much reaches my bottom lip, and I've got a substantially sized head.


I've got a sized 10 version of this Parka and it fits perfectly... One problem I've found is that the big buttoned pockets are quite large, which means more stuff can fit in there, phone, keys, lipstick, purse, anything... And you might be questioning what the issue actually is, surely a larger pocket is a good thing? But it isn't really... Because the pockets are quite thin and flimsy, the heavier the items you put in there, the more bulky it gets and the more frumpy it will make you look. So one piece of advice, don't force everything in there, bring a bag with you... (Which I evidently did not do in the photo above.)

The coat just reaches the top of my knee which means it covers up my bottom... This is a BIG bonus as it keeps that midriff area super warm! The actual coat is in fact warm enough, which means you don't need to wear a huge sweater or thick jumper/cardigan underneath, you will actually be warm enough with a tee! The coat locks out the wind and is relatively waterproof, so why would I say no?

Overall, I am super impressed with this Parka coat, I'm glad I can now say it is mine.
It can be paired with a casual outfit on those laid back days, yet it doesn't look bad with heels, for your more sophisticated (but warm) look.

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