Dreaming of a Library of Fragrance

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Have you ever heard of The Library of Fragrance?
You may have seen their displays up on the shelves behind the perfume counter in your local Boots store (if you're in the UK).

There are so many choices in their range as they are literally an A-Z library of fragrances... They have more than 300 unique scents and 101 of them are available on the UK website. Some do sound more appealing than others... Ever wanted to smell of Play-Doh? Well, now you can... Exactly, SOME are more appealing.... Let's put it this way, think of your favourite smell? Apple pie? A warm, roasting fireplace? Fresh Laundry? A thunderstorm? Maybe whiskey?... The Library of Fragrance has all of these smells ready for you conveniently in a little spray bottle. I'm not even joking.

One unique thing about this brand is that you can buy a few fragrances together and layer them when you spray them, so you could smell of a few different flowers whilst adding a musky or woody scent, or obviously if you are more adventurous, go ahead and spray yourself with the dirt, grass or tomato scents - these 3 were the original scents!

The Library of Fragrance sent me 2 perfumes and I was given the choice of any across their range, I chose 5 and told them to surprise me, all of the scents I picked were pretty floral (as I love floral scents) and one odd one which was Sushi... Sadly, I didn't get sent the Sushi scent, but I can't say I'm upset over this as such.

The 2 scents I ended up with are :
Red Poppies


I picked Red Poppies because my all-time favourite perfume is Flower by Kenzo - the one with the big poppy on the bottle, so I was hoping I'd be able to do a comparison between the two.

I decided on Sunshine as I don't think they could make this fragrance smell weird, it must smell happy, if I could give the emotion "happy" a smell, Sunshine would be perfect!

As I said before, I kind of wanted to compare this one to Flower by Kenzo - the only fragrance I have ever re-bought, and have been doing so since I was in high school! As you may know, Flower by Kenzo is the one in the big glass bottle with a large poppy running down it.

After trying this one, I was pretty disappointed, as it does not smell one bit like Flower by Kenzo, at all. I would be happier if this had more of a floral smell, however, in my knowledge, poppies don't actually smell as nice as other flowers, for example roses. Red Poppies does not smell half as sweet as Flower by Kenzo, it brings more of a "subtle" smell, as it smells on the bottle.

I am very happy with Sunshine, as cheesy as this sounds, if you could ever smell sunshine, I think this fragrance might really be the one.

Sunshine is such a happy smell and it's become a daily fragrance of mine. I love wearing this one through the day as it has quite a fresh floral-ish scent. In my opinion, it isn't really for an evening out, I would need to pick something stronger.

After putting this on, my husband even complimented me, which doesn't happen all that often. So it definitely gained a few bonus points!

One thing I really do like about the Library of Fragrance is that you can layer and mix the scents, musky go with woody scents, citrus go well with floral scents etc. They are in small bottles which mean I can just fling them in my bag in case I do need to top up during the day.

One bad thing about the fragrances is that the lasting power isn't too satisfactory. I think the scent only really lasts on me for around 3-5 hours which is a bit annoying. However, each fragrance costs £15.00, they last forever, they are super compact for travel, they smell delicious and you're paying a lot less, unlike a designer fragrance - which you may clash with friends.... The benefits are pretty endless!

I am impressed by the products and I hope to get more so I can mix & match my own individual scent and maybe even build up my own library of fragrance at home!

The perfumes are available at Boots, although they don't stock ALL the range, but enough to make you scent crazy! And, if Boots stock them, they are super accessible, if not, The Library of Fragrance website isn't exactly hard to get to, right?

And as I love you all, I've got you a discount code of £5 off, if you spend over £40 on fragrances at Boots!!! Use it wisely and happy fragrance shopping!

DISCOUNT CODE : 5FRG40 (Valid now until 9th June)

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