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Please don't get scared by the word "Snake", it isn't real snake, not sssss snake, this is actually Rodial's clever little play on words with the word "Syn-ake". Let's quickly run through the scientifcal and technical bits before I go into what's so amazing about the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask.


"SYN-AKE" is simply a neuro dipeptide which claims to banish wrinkles without the scary thought of having a needle inserted into you. Syn-ake is basically botox in a cream, serum, mask etc. And this is what Rodial's Snake mask is, botox-in-a-tube.

How does syn-ake help though? It claims or it does help to give a freeze-like effect to your face, which means it simply helps to banish and smoothen out those stubborn wrinkles and in effect, leaves you with a more youthful and flawless look.

Every time I hear that there's some revolutionary cream, mask or just in general a skincare product which claims to do this, I feel a bit weary and I don't trust it. But, I plucked up the courage and gave this mask a try, doesn't help that I'm a big Rodial fan!

The first time I used it, I was shocked... Shocked as in a VERY impressed kind of shocked. It really did what it claimed to do. It seemed as though my lines had gone - I have gained more lines since being a mother than ever before! I have these very stubborn lines under my eyes which really annoy me, so maybe next time, I'll try and apply the mask on them, but they are scarily close to my eyes, so I'm scared I'll end up leaving the product in my actual eye!

The mask also contains amino acids and liquorice which sounds cray cray, but these help to brighten up the skin tone, clean out those dirty pores and remove all that excess oil and dirt off your face. It is actually ridiculous how this mask claims to do so many things...


The tube itself contains 50ml of product and priced at the hefty sum of £68 a pop, it does sound extreme... But, it really does work. I don't know if it works for everyone, but it definitely worked for me.

If I could, I would use it every day... However, there is no way I could satisfy that dream unless I was loaded.

I can't say the mask is worth the full £68, but I have not found an alternative at all... It really did improve my stubborn lines, my skin felt ridiculously smooth and it looked like I went and had some form of surgery or injections...

Let's move on to how the mask looks on your face, how you apply and how you remove it.


This mask is in a tube which means it is easier to get the right amount of product out. When I have a tub of mask, it seems like I always grab too much or too little...

The tube squeezes out the smallest amount of product which you need to apply to your face pronto because it will start to dry as soon as it hits the air. Now, with this mask, one great thing is that you only need the thinnest of layers for it to work. So, you don't need to slap this mask on, you just apply it like you would with a moisturiser or serum for example.

The liquid itself is shiny and black, the colour of like oil in the sea... I don't know if that is the best description, but don't worry, it's not actually oil of course.

On a clean, dry face, I like to apply it with just my index finger and middle finger, mainly my forehead, all the smile lines including my crow feet and certain places on my cheek, then smoothen out the excess around the rest of the face. One thing I found with this mask is that you should really avoid your eyebrows, why? Mainly because, the mask dries and sticks to every little hair which means when you come to remove it, you may end up ripping some brows out....

The mask doesn't tighten like a clay mask would (but it does tighten), it doesn't feel wet or feel like it is moisturising as you use it like a hydrating mask would (but it does hydrate), it just feels like you've been laminated or something...

Simply keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, in this time, find something to do, maybe paint your toes? Watch some Netflix? Read? And then you can remove it...

But how do you remove it?

This isn't a wash off mask...The mask is a peel-off mask, so no water involved and you don't even need to rinse it, because frankly, water won't help. It just peels off like a film of plastic a bit like a stretchy cling film type of plastic.

Peeling it off is such a weird feeling but it doesn't leave any residue or anything.

It was odd at first because I didn't know where to start peeling, the mask was so close to my face! I didn't want to scratch a bit off because I was scared I'd damage my skin... You know when you buy a new pair of shoes and there's a sticker underneath that you just CAN'T get off, well that was what I was experiencing with this mask on my face. I was actually getting quite annoyed by it!

So what I ended up doing was just rubbing a little bit on my cheek and then VOILA! I found a little opening.... The same tactic I use when getting those stupid stickers off my new shoes...

Once I got a little opening, the rest was super easy to peel off. (Don't worry, it doesn't hurt a single bit.)


So what's the verdict?

I am in love with this mask.

Not so in love with the price.

Rodial has really done the most imaginable job when creating this mask, it really does prove to do what it claims to do, but at £68 for 50ml, I wouldn't know how people can afford to use it daily! However, in my opinion every little ml of the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask is worth every single little penny of that £68...!

I am so happy with this mask and it's now my ultimate pamper treat. Unless I've done something to be proud of, I won't be letting myself use this mask. (So after this long post, I think I deserve to pamper myself with the mask, don't you agree?)

Now, I completely understand why this mask is so loved by celebrities, it really is Botox-In-A-Tube!

It really did deliver, it brightened my skin, it tightened my skin and I assume it took my dead skin cells with it as I had none after using the mask!

Would I buy this again? If it keeps performing and delivering it the way it has, I'm going to start saving now! I wonder how I'm going to live without it...!


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  1. Sounds like a great mask! It is bit scary looking though :D

    Pink Frenzy

  2. It does sound fantastic, a shame it's so expensive though xx

  3. This sounds like it really delivers great results and I do love a good peel-off mask - they're so satisfying!!

    Jess xo

  4. That looks like way too much fun to peel off, once you can actually get a start at it that is! lol This mask sounds wonderful, but oh that price tag!


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