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How many different spot treatment products have you been through?
How many of them actually worked?
Now work out how much money you have spent on all of these products that claim to do the job.

In my opinion, one of the cheapest products and one of the most easily accessible products for spots and mild acne would have to be Sudocrem.

Now, I don't get spots very often, however, when it's that time of the month, a huge, ugly pimple/spot will appear on my face, probably in the most annoying of places, on the end of my nose, in the middle of my cheek or on the end of my chin. It's anyones worst nightmare!

Sudocrem is that little grey tub of white pasty cream which mothers use on their babies for nappy rash... Yes, it normally is used for nappy rash, but not many people think that, it's just an antiseptic cream and it doesn't cost a bomb.

Using Sudocrem for spots is super easy.

1) Apply a generous amount directly to the spot
2) Leave on overnight
3) Cleanse your face as usual

There's not much need in rubbing it in as it will slowly heal your spot overnight, and hopefully, when you wake in the morning, the spot should have dried up a little and will heal completely in no time. The spot should be a lot less visible, less red and less irritated.

One piece of advice I can give you, don't use this method in the morning or when you are about to leave the house, it's a bit of a beauty and fashion faux pas, I guess. If you do want to use it in the morning, don't apply such a generous amount and DO rub it in, then apply your make up or whatever and you're good to go!

*MUMMY ALERT* - Look at this TINY little pot of Sudocrem goodness, it is only 10g worth, but the size of it is PERFECT. Why is it perfect? It fits in the baby bag, make up bag, handbag, even my pocket (not that I would carry it in my pocket)... And, you can refill it from the big pot too!

Sudocrem should be everyone's best friend. It's such a great, cheap and easy product to use!

So remember, if you want to get rid of those dreaded spots, grab a tub of Sudocrem!


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  1. I really enjoyed exploring your site

  2. Thanks for your post!

  3. How interesting! I've never thought to use sudocrem for removing these red spots from my skin. Acne is so awful! It seems for me that I’ve tried every lotion and cream on the planet and nothing really works well. I’m considering light treatment at home but will try sudacrem meanwhile. Thank you for this advice!


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