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One of the most amazing, yet most annoying things I've ever done to my hair was: dye it red.


My natural hair colour is a dark, dark brown, not quite black and 2 of the most annoying colours for hair would be red and black, so I guess it's just bad luck for me. Apparently Chinese hair (Oriental hair) tends to originally come from a reddish tone anyway, so colouring it red would make it even more extra red...

I'm no longer red now, I'm trying to transition to an ashy-brown, but it is much harder work than I thought it would be.

I loved my red hair and I really do miss it, but I don't think I will go back to red any time soon as it is too time consuming to maintain. It took me around half a year to get my hair to the red I wanted it to be but during this time, I had to dye my hair almost every month as the roots were coming out, or the ends were going orange... So eventually, yes, it was the colour I wanted but I had to top it up and it went TOO red, so this was basically the pain I was going through each month. Home-dye was my only option as it would be too pricey to be popping into a salon every month just to get my roots coloured.

Life is a lot easier now that I don't have red hair anymore, but the red is still there, it's underneath whatever I put on top of it, so I know it will creep through one day.

So around a month ago, I decided to pop into Toni & Guy, Nottingham and got it salon dyed. The hairdresser I booked with is actually a good friend of mine, so it was a lot easier communicating with her. Before going in, all I had in my mind was the word "ASH", I no longer wanted red, so when she asked me what I wanted, I just said I wanted to get rid of all the red. Anna ended up deciding what I should have had done to my hair - which was perfect as I've always been an indecisive person...

So this is what she came up with:


As you can see, most of the red has gone, there is still a little bit of a red tint, but I reckon after a few more months, they should grow out and I either get them chopped off, or a re-dye will make them (hopefully) disappear.

For now, as I am pregnant, I don't want to dye my hair too much as I know it won't be good for the baby, so all I can do is try to wash out the red, cross my fingers and hope for the best. There are a few products which I am now using at home to help this process quicken a little.

The easiest option is to use Silver Shampoo daily, it just helps to get rid of those brassy tones and accentuate the silvery or, in my vocab - ashy tones in the hair.

One thing I don't like about BLEACH products is that I find them quite drying, so I only use this once/twice a week and use a hair mask after to help hydrate and moisture the hair again.

My hairdresser gave me this and told me to use it around 2-3 weeks after leaving the salon.
It's a toner which is basically a semi-permanent dye (without ammonia) and this colour is a silvery colour, yet again, helping get rid of those hints of red.

If you've ever home dyed your hair, it basically works the same way. It comes in a box with a bottle of the "dye" and a pair of gloves.

However, you apply this like you would a conditioner/hair mask, directly onto damp hair, leave it in for 10-20 minutes, rinse it out, condition your hair, then go and style it as you normally would do.

The liquid comes out in a beautiful solid purple, it doesn't smell toxic like normal box dyes do, it is - believe it or not, quite fragrant.

And just in case you're wondering what hair mask I normally use :

This is currently my favourite hair mask and the name of it is pretty self explanatory, it helps to give that silky feeling to your hair.

A hair mask is essential for my hair as it has been damaged so much from being dyed all the time, so a hair mask is a treat for me. I tend to use this around once or twice a week, I wash my hair as usual and basically soak my hair in this stuff for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing and styling it.

These are the products I am using at the moment to help keep the brassy/red tones out of my hair, I can't say they are working like magic yet, just because I finally realise just how red my hair really was.

Hopefully I'll be able to update you in a few months time and tell you all the red is officially out.

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