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I've got 3 masks to add to the Mask Series today!
All of which are from the same brand : SNP.
(SNP are a South Korean brand and they released their Animal Face Masks earlier on this year and since then, they've been so ridiculously popular.)

I got my hands on 3 boxes of their Animal Face Mask series - Animal Dragon Soothing Mask, Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask and Animal Panda Whitening Mask.

You might have seen people using these masks on Instagram, as they are very selfie-worthy products!

Animal Dragon Soothing Mask
Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask
Animal Panda Whitening Mask

I think, like everyone else, the main reason I bought these were because I was intrigued as to what was in the mask pack itself... Would I end up looking like a Dragon, Tiger or Panda? Or are they just plain old face masks with a cute animal picture on the packaging?

I actually had no idea what I was expecting as I hadn't even seen them online, I just walked into a Sasa store in Hong Kong, with the intention of buying some sheet masks and came out with these, which were on offer at the time!

All 3 masks contain a base mixture of 50% Natural Coconut Juice and 50% Coconut Water, both of which are highly nourishing and moisturising for the skin.

Let's go onto each individual mask :


The Dragon Mask is a soothing mask and it does exactly that, it helps to soothe irritated, red and blotchy skin. It's perfect for weathered skin, either you've been out in the sun or the wind.

I love using this mask when I've been out on a cold and windy day, it helps to restore some moisture in my face.

The face mask is green, but I don't think it looks so much like a dragon when it is on my face.

I've used this several times and I can't seem to get the folds to sit on my face correctly, so some bits are still sticking out, so maybe the sizing isn't so right for my face shape.

However, it doesn't really matter because I overlap most of the flaps, so my face is pretty much all covered anyway.

The inside of the mask (face side) is less pigmented, and don't worry, the colour won't transfer onto your skin as SNP have perfected their formula for the colouring, so it won't be absorbed into your skin. Just treat it as a normal sheet mask.

This mask is very hydrating and does its job of "soothing", even after about an hour of using this mask, my face feels super supple, soft and still a little cool from the application of the mask.


Out of the 3, I would say, this is my favourite one!
Even my 3 year old son loves this one, he points at me, giggles and shouts "MUMMY, TIGER, ROOOOAR".

This is an anti-wrinkle mask and claims to diminish wrinkles/lines and help to leave the skin radiant.
I'm not sure sure about the wrinkle part of this mask, but I do find my skin gets a lot bouncier after using this mask as it is obviously helping to restore the elasticity in my skin.

Out of the 3 masks, this one resembles its animal the most. Look at the pink nose (although I've applied it a little wonky), it looks so much like a tiger!

As with the Dragon Mask, this also has a bit of difficulty sitting on my face, I couldn't seem to apply it straight.

This mask still leaves my face with a cooling feeling afterwards and yet again, it is hydrating, but this mask is perfect for those days where I feel my face is a little bit swollen, or puffy-looking, it really does help to restore that "bounce" to my skin.


I'm a sucker for whitening products, especially if they help to even my skin tone and well, hopefully "whiten" my skin.

The Animal Panda Whitening Mask helps to restore dull and rough skin, in my opinion, it does help to brighten my skin a little, but I wouldn't say it is a "WOW" moment when I take off this mask.

As with the other 2 masks, this Panda mask is hydrating and moisturising again (I assume it has something to do with the coconut juice and coconut water base). As for a whitening mask, maybe eventually after a lot more uses, my skin would be "whiter"... I think they should really call this the "Animal Panda Brightening Mask".

I also have a tendency to use this mask the wrong way round, as the colours aren't as strong on this mask. I wonder if I have it the wrong way round in these photos!

I think out of the 3, the Panda mask is currently my least favourite, but when my skin is feeling dull, I'll happy use this one to restore a bit of shine and luminosity to my face!

So these are the 3 masks I am using from the SNP Animal Face Mask series, there is also a blue otter one (which I couldn't get my hands on) and there's an Chinese Opera Face one too! Hopefully I'll get to try those one day!



Before I disappear, I wanted to mention I did not link where to buy these masks as it seems as though you can only get them on Amazon online...

SO... I want to let you know, you have the chance to get them right off my blog FOR FREE!
I'll be sending out a little SNP care package to the winner, all 3 of these masks will be included and maybe a couple of surprise gifts too!


It should only take you a few clicks to enter (see below)!


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  1. I'd try the Dragon facial mask, because I have a stressful life and fatigue is mainly note in my face!

    Kisses beauty!

    Diana Giselle

  2. The Panda one sounds great, love to try it x

  3. Love the Tiger and the Dragon but will opt for the Tiger as my number one choice

  4. The Tiger one...it would be tempting to wear it out the house to the pub!

  5. I'd love the panda one because I love coconut water and it looks really cool too!

  6. They are brilliant! I think I would suit the dragon or the tiger personally ;)

  7. The panda! I just tried a character mask from SNP, it was like a kabuki mask instead of an animal though. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought it would end up being mostly a gimmick but was actually a very good mask.

  8. These are so cute! :) I love the Panda mask the best! x

    Pink Frenzy

  9. oh gosh these are so adorable!!!! :D I love the look of them, definitely a winning release from the brand!
    I think I'd like to try the tiger one the most, both for the effect and the drawing on it!!!

  10. This mask is so cute and adorable!! Awesome that I think i need to try them out.

  11. The tiger one

    Trevor Linvell

  12. I'd like to try the panda one ! :D


  14. Aren't they fab?! Thanks for the intro and review. I'd like to try the panda mask the most.

  15. The tiger one x

  16. The Tiger Mask to help reduce my Wrinkles ♥ Rooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr

  17. The Dragon, I'd just stare in the mirror and giggle at myself.

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