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When was the last time I showed you my monthly favourites?
Last month, these are the products which really stood out for me and I found I really enjoyed using them (most of them daily).



I've had this foundation for a while and I've never really LOVED it, but since the end of summer and the start of autumn, I feel like I am slowly falling for it.

It is a very liquid-y formula, so after application, it leaves my skin still feeling like "skin" - Soft and Supple.

The coverage is brilliant and it is very buildable, and one major bonus, it doesn't leave my skin looking cakey. I've found with this foundation, I've not needed to add any finishing powder on top as it is a matte looking foundation.

Another thing I really like about this foundation is the applicator stick. As I don't share this foundation with anyone, I just go ahead and dab the stick directly onto my face, that way I can see exactly how much I really am using on certain parts of my face.

I can't say this is my FAVOURITE ever foundation (yet), but it certainly was an October favourite!


I've always been a fan of cleansing oils as they keep my skin hydrated as opposed to normal cleansing milks.

So I was very excited when I found this cleansing oil by Klairs.

This cleansing oil is so gentle on the skin as it is made up of natural oils : Black Bean Oil, Black Sesame Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil.

1) Black Bean Oil
Black bean helps to control the sebum production, increases the skin elasticity and provides a soothing effect

2) Black Sesame Oil
Black sesame prevents dehydration and skin aging while providing powerful antioxidant effects through various useful components such as Beta-carotene, Rinolenic acid, Sesamin, Sesaminol and Tocopherol.

3) Black Currant Seed Oil
Black Current Seed Oil strengthens the skins protective layer to prevent the evaporation of moisture from the skin. It promotes skin cell regeneration and provides antioxidant effects by containing various minerals.

Klairs is a Korean brand and all their products are made from natural ingredients. They've actually become increasingly popular this year, I've seen so many people talk about their ranges!

I've been using Shu Uemura's cleansing oils for a few years now and I normally use it to help remove make up. This Klairs cleansing oil does the same thing, but in a much more gentle way, so I still have to use make up remover prior to cleansing my face with the oil.



These have been added into my bathroom collection recently as I can't get over how "yummy" they smell.

The hand wash is definitely my favourite out of the 3, it smells like a coconut dessert and leaves your hands smelling that way for ages after washing them. I also love the pump bottle and as it comes in a 500ml volume, it lasts forever... and ever... and ever...

The shower gel and body scrub are just nice to have. I've been using the body scrub on my legs, knees and bottom of my feet to help smoothen them up a little, as it has been a little hard this last month to moisturise them properly with my growing bump as an obstacle.

They are available at Tesco and don't cost a bomb (they're on sale at the moment too), not only that, the children will LOVE it... I think these are so much better to buy than the cartoon character bath products (which do cost quite a bit). Treaclemoon ranges from about £2-3.



This cleanser is a bit of a guilty pleasure. It costs a lot more than my previous gel cleanser - Avène Soapless Foaming Gel (see review here) but I've sadly fallen in love with it.

I always have a gel cleanser in my skincare collection as I need one to use with my Clarisonic, so for the past few months, it has been this Chanel one. Obviously, you don't have to have a Clarisonic in order to use this cleanser, hands will do fine.

As soon as this cleanser touches water, it lathers up into a gorgeous, light foam. It helps to eliminate excess sebum, impurities and pollutants from the skin and along with the Clarisonic, it does an even better job at doing so.

Sometimes when I use the Clarisonic, I don't have contacts in, and obviously don't have my glasses on and as I'm quite blind, I lose control of the brush head and end up getting some of my cleanser in my eye (typical of me), so what I'm trying to say, is... this Chanel Gel Cleanser isn't too sensitive to the eyes, which is PERFECT for me.

I wouldn't say I need this cleanser in my skincare routine as I could easily do with a cheaper gel cleanser, but as it has appeared in my October favourites, I can only assume I will re-purchase it again.



I have to admit this hasn't just been an October favourite, it's been almost half a year worth of a favourite. I've pretty much given up using the Tangle Teezer and converted to using this.

Inside this brush, there's ionic technology which helps to smoothen out the hair and keep those flyaways nice and tidy. It spreads ions all over your hair to reduce the frizz and generally make your hair look as if you've spent time on it. This is perfect for my bad hair days, especially as a mother, I can't get enough of bad hair days...

That black hole just underneath the bristles is where the ions come out from, so as you brush, it spreads very evenly over every strand of hair. The white button type thing just above that is how you pop out the bristles, for easy cleaning.

The brush is super easy to use. The button on the side, turns the brush on, it then lights up at the bottom of the brush so you know it actually is on. It doesn't generate much noise at all, even less noise than when you blow to get rid of a loose eyelash on your fingers (for example).

So if you don't feel like you need the help of the ions, it is just a standard compact brush. It runs on AAA batteries, which are obviously easy to get hold of - I kind of wish it was just rechargeable like most beauty electronics.

So, overall, this brush is a handy little contraption, it's about the size of an adult's palm, so it fits nicely into a handbag, make up bag, and is most definitely perfect for traveling.

It comes in quite a few different colours and patterns, so you'll definitely find one to suit your taste.


So that's it for October, these are my October favourites!

If I have the time at the end of this month/early next month, I'll be sure to share my November favourites, because I'm already falling head over heels with quite a handful of beauty products, so I'm super excited!

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