BENEFIT : My Cheeky Favourites

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I would call this a cheeky buy, but it really isn't, I've been using these 2 Benefit products for a long time now, and all I ever do is re-buy them when I've run out.

So yes, they are "cheeky" as I apply them on my cheeks, but they are certainly NOT a cheeky buy.

HOOLA by Benefit
ROCKATEUR by Benefit
Benefit have been releasing so many new products I can barely catch up, I'm still stuck on these 2 powders.

If you don't know already, these 2 are both powder products, HOOLA is a bronzer and ROCKATEUR is a blusher.

HOOLA is a matte bronzer powder, no shimmer, no shine.

As the colour is a little darker than all the other bronzers I have, it does give a bit of a chiseled look, so I just blend it out with my Beauty Blender, or dust it off with a bit of finishing powder.

I loving using this for contouring, a swipe across the cheeks, a bit around my temples, a curved swipe along the hairline and lastly, a swipe or 2 under the jawline for a bit more definition.


You now know I love contouring with HOOLA, as it is a matte bronzing powder, I normally try to use a shimmery blusher to go with it, so ROCKATEUR is normally my no.1 pick!

They match so well and compliment each other so perfectly. The colours just WORK.

ROCKATEUR is a shade of rose gold, the gold accent helps to highlight, so I normally sweep this across my cheekbones to help give just that little bit more definition.

How could I not fall in love with this colour, I'm a huge fan of pink and gold!


You may have noticed I've added recommended brushes for each product, these are just my preference, so don't feel like you have to go and buy these specific brushes! Benefit actually include brushes in the boxes, both shaped to suit the powder, and as they're so small, they're perfect for travelling too, nice and compact!

So here they are, My Cheeky Favourites. So, Benefit, please don't go changing the formula, they're perfect as they are!

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