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I've had my brows done, by done, I mean tattooed on my face!

I've had injections at the Doctor's, I've also had acupuncture, but I've never had a tattoo before, so in true honesty, I really had no idea what I was expecting with these brows, so I'm going to run you through my personal experience when having them done!


Before properly starting to explain everything, I want to take this opportunity to thank Nicola from NOT JUST BROWS for being her, I've known her for around 9 months now, we were pregnant at the same time and we just clicked. I feel like I've known Nicola for... forever!
Not only is she a great friend of mine, but she's the reason I don't have to do my brows in the morning now! Now, when I wake up in the morning, my brows are sitting there, waiting for me to leave the house. They are so done up and ready to go... and of course I am so in love with them.
I know I can't say this enough and words really can't express my gratitude.
Nicola, I love you so so so much and THANK YOU... again and again.



The scratch/patch test was done.
I don't actually know what happened with this as it was done behind my ear.
I believe Nicola had "needled" me with a bit of colour, just to see if I would have any allergic reaction to the whole process.
Result? Nothing happened, no reaction, no itching, no pain.

If there were to be any reaction of any description, it would probably have resulted in not being able to continue with the brows.


Before we began, there was a lot of documentation to be dealt with.
Paperwork after paperwork, it felt as though I was signing my life away! But it all has to be done.

I had to give all my medical history, my doctor's name and address, a consent form regarding if's and but's. Not only is it security for yourself, but for Nicola too.


It is entirely your choice what colour/shade you would like your brows to be, but your Semi Permanent Make Up Artist will give you their expert advice on which colour should suit your complexion, eyes and hair etc. Obviously as my natural hair colour is a very dark brown, we decided to stick with that - as you all know, my hair colour changes like the seasons!

As these brows are semi-permanent/permanent (only semi-permanent as they will fade, but they'll be there pretty much forever), your face has to be measured to ensure the brows are in the correct place. You can't be having one half way up your forehead and the other on your eyelid, can you?

I was placed in the most attractive hair net ever (I kind of miss that thing), and Nicola drew marks on my face, in order to line up the brows, so they'd be symmetrical.

Nicola then proceeded to draw my brows with brow pencil, so this acted as her stencil. We decided to follow my natural brow line, but take down my arch ever so slightly, as I felt the arches of my brows weren't as even as they should be.

At all times, I was allowed to look in the mirror and adjust the shape of my brows, as in the end it is completely my choice of what shape or size I wanted them to be.

You may see above that there's some white blobs on my brow, this was the numbing cream - best thing ever. That helped to ease off the pain for when the needle was being used... But we'll talk about that later.


For this part, I don't know what any of these things are called, but this was the set up of the room.

Let's call this "The Tattoo Machine", the needle itself is attached onto this machine, so this is all the hi-tech stuff.

You may see in the left corner, the words "NOUVEAU CONTOUR", they are the beauty school or beauty group where Nicola is training. Nicola is currently at bronze stage, so she will complete her studies and hopefully get to a higher qualification soon! I'm so so so pleased for her, she's done this with 2 children! SUPERMUM!

These are the needles (all sterilised), that white long looking thing is the GORGEOUS hair net, the tub - the soothing balm for after-care, and the purple sticks - micro brush for the numbing cream.


DURATION : 3 HOURS (approx.) - This is inclusive of all the paperwork, the colour choosing and the measuring

I didn't look at all at this point, right up until the brows were completely finished - I love the element of surprise!

I laid down on this bed for the whole duration, Nicola did let me do a little loosen up shake every now and again, because my back is suffering from sciatica after my pregnancy with my second, Sienna.

The brows are hair stroke brows, rather than a blush/block brow, so they tend to look more "natural", with my brow colour being so dark, I find they would look to harsh - resulting in me looking too stern all the time with block brows. So each stroke was done individually.

You should be able to see the strokes in the photo below - this was taken moments after the procedure was complete.


As soon as the brows are done, they look quite striking, but as the days go by, they start to fade - and eventually by a week's time, they'll look much more natural.


As you can see, the brows stand out so much more, they are so much fuller, and Nicola achieved the result I was expecting.

The pigment starts to drop off a little and for the first 7 days, you should try your very best not to wet them, get any cleanser or make up remover on them, so by Day 9 - you can see I wiped off quite a bit of pigment. But, don't worry, as I will be having a retouch soon, and I think we'll go a little thicker next time.

27 MAY - DAY 5
29 MAY - DAY 7
31 MAY - DAY 9


I want to leave you with a video now, I filmed parts of the procedure itself and also a 7 day update on the brows. From Day 2 through to Day 7, I tell you about whether I've been experiencing any pain and fill you in on more about the brows.

Once again, thank you Nicola. And I CANNOT WAIT for the retouch!
I'm SO in LOVE!

If you want more information about the brows, you're welcome to contact me and I can answer your questions.
If you want to know more about Nicola or Nouveau Contour, let me know and I'll pass on the message!


Next week, I should be posting about another "tattoo" I've just had done!


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